UK judge delays sentencing of Frederick Barclay in clash with ex-wife

A UK High Court judge has adjourned his sentencing of business tycoon Sir Frederick Barclay who was found to be in contempt of court last month over a failure to pay £245,000 in maintenance and legal costs to his ex-wife.

Sir Jonathan Cohen, the judge, said on Thursday he would postpone sentencing for three months after hearing that the 87-year-old businessman, who with his late twin brother David built a business empire spanning property, hotels and the Daily Telegraph newspaper, had now paid the £245,000 owed in maintenance and legal bills.

The High Court heard that Barclay had paid the money after borrowing it from his daughter. The judge urged Frederick, who again was wearing bright red trousers and a navy blue suit jacket and tie, to engage with his nephews to “find a way” of paying the rest of his debts to his former wife Hiroko, which run into millions of pounds.

Hiroko Barclay had brought the committal application last month in an attempt to get her ex-husband jailed after Barclay failed to pay the £100mn sum, which she was awarded in 2021 as part of their divorce settlement. Last month Cohen ruled that Barclay was not in contempt of court for failing to pay the first part of the £100mn divorce award given to Hiroko — but found he was in contempt of court for not paying the £245,000 in legal fees and maintenance.

On Thursday Cohen told the hearing that “It should be a matter of shame for Sir Frederick and his nephews that Lady Barclay should be left with next to nothing by way of financial resources for the future.”

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