20 Fictional Character’s names that became popular baby names

Who doesn’t love to read or watch a fiction story? A fascinating book, a truly moving movie or an action-packed movie, and a top-notch dramatic TV show that we keep watching for hours to imbibe their stories! 

Because all of these hold leading places in our hearts, we often find it quite analogous to our real life. However, sometimes we even apply the story lessons to our own conventional lives. Then, why do you not apply those screen-icon names to your kid’s lives from the start? 

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump straight to the top 20 list! 

Top 20 Fictional Character’s baby names

If the parents-to-be are enthusiastic about fictional characters, your baby may become a crazy fan too. These popular baby names are highly inspired by incredible fictional characters from legendary movies and series:

  • Elsa

Who does not even love the character ‘Elsa’ from the Disney Frozen movie? It has become the most popular baby name for girls due to her inspirational trait. Therefore, if you go crazy about this cute name, naming your baby girl will be a crucial choice.

  • Khaleesi

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, this character ‘Khaleesi’ must flabbergast you! This name has ranked as the top 1000 most famous baby names in the USA. It has previously no existence among the parents-to-be, and now everyone is inclined to ‘Khaleesi.’

  • Hans

The name ‘Hans’ again hit the list from Frozen, and it is also popular among boys. It had a major 40% rise in naming; it may sound pretty absurd as it is a villain’s character. 

  • Arya

You must want the coolest yet lovable name for your baby girl! Though there are plenty of them at CocoFinder baby name directory, naming her ‘Arya’ will be an outstanding choice. ‘Arya’ has existed among the parent’s lives before the show’s debut, and it has become the best-in-class name in the 21st popular baby girls’ fictional characters. 

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  • Hawkeye

Your baby might become a Marvel enthusiast after growing up, and he will love this name, ‘Hawkeye,’ due to its boldest trait. So, without the top-notch Marvel series, ‘Hawkeye’ must not emerge as a popular name.

  • Valkyrie

The name ‘Valkyrie’ is also from the renowned Marvel series as it has easily become the biggest movie franchises of the 21st century! You must want your baby girl to be as brave as this character. Therefore, it will suit her personality!

  • Damien

Do you have a subtle inclination towards a bit of older movies? The name ‘Damien’ from The Omen saw a major spike in admiration after the release of this film. Therefore, 2227 boys have been named after this cute namesake!

  • Anakin

You must have noticed a pattern that people don’t necessarily seem that worried about the associations that come with popular names. However, if you are blessed with a super cute baby boy, using Anakin as his first name will be worth considering. If you are a Star Wars fan, you must be in love with this name already.

  • Lolita

You might be an old movie aficionado, and your thought is, ‘old is gold!’. Therefore, naming your baby girl after this popular namesake, ‘Lolita,’ might seem a bit outdated, but it will be a perfect name for traditional parents.

  • Kylo

Every parent loves their children to grow up as a generous and strong person at the same time! That’s why the list is occupied with another distressed soul, ‘Kylo,’ that parents couldn’t hold out against making into a popular baby name.

  • Draco

The Harry Potter series first came into play in 1997, where the character ‘Draco’ was not the most desired one! However, the name is gaining popularity, and 50 babies per million register as ‘Draco.’ 

  • Hermione

You must love this humorous, smart, and versatile character ‘Hermione’ from the famous Harry Potter series. Moreover, A Winter’s Tale, a premium book by Shakespeare, also included this name for a character.

  • Ariel

The parents who love the unisex name for their baby boy and girl, ‘Ariel,’ would be a perfect choice! However, such a trendy and cute name becomes more popular than those common names Holly, Lisa, and Jade.

  • Cullen

Twilight Saga had a profound impact on baby names! Parents, who are inclined more to Vampire stories, have given this beautiful moniker ‘Cullen’ to their babies. 

  • Katniss

You must be wondering if ‘Katniss’ is actually a baby name or not! Time Magazine has showcased that 29 American baby girls were named after ‘Katniss’ in 2012. 

  • Sabrina

‘Sabrina’ has always been a harmonious and well-used baby girl’s name. But the fictional movie ‘La Vie en Rose’ starred Sabrina Fairchild, which became a significant part of the name’s popularity.

  • Dawson

Parents couldn’t get enough of the name between Titanic’s Jack Dawson and Dawson’s Creek. After 1999, the name plunged to a humongous 559 positions. So, your baby will love this name! 

  • Flint

‘Flint’ is one of the loveliest names from the inspiring animation movie ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.’ The name has gained immense popularity on this list.

  • Charles

This popular namesake ‘Charles’ has come up from a classic yet the vintage movie, ‘The Thin Man,’ and is also a famous derivative of eminent Charlie Chaplin. 

You must want your baby boy to become an independent person after growing up. Naming him ‘Charles’ will showcase his personality as it means ‘a free man.’

  • Adonis

This popular baby name comes from the fiction movie ‘Creed.’ It is also a sequel in the renowned Rocky film series. In Greek mythology, the name ‘Adonis’ is termed as ‘Lord.’ 

Fans of Adonis often love his name and masculine traits. Therefore, it could be a decisive choice for a baby boy.

Concluding words

In a nutshell, naming your baby after a prominent fictional character always has its creative appeal. These popular baby names are highly famous and draw significant appreciation. One assurance with baby names encouraged by movies and series is that they all are different from each other. 

Therefore, nobody will ever dislike these names. Lastly, do you want to check out wide collections of these functional names? CocoFinder is a one-stop-shop destination for all types of fictional names, which you can’t deny! 

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