5 Amazing Cities to Visit in Europe

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a city break, a grand architecture or you just simply want to visit a new place, this article is for you. There are many beautiful locations and cities to visit in Europe and choosing one can be a hard decision. In order to make it easier for you, based on the other tourist impressions and reviews, we will present to you 5 Amazing cities to visit in Europe.

  1. Paris, France

First city we are going to talk about is Paris, the city of love. Located in France, Paris is a city which in our opinion must be visited by everyone. It is filled with history, beautiful architecture, many important monuments, museums and many other tourist attractions. One of its main attractions is the Eiffel Tower which must be visited. You can also go on top of it from where you can see the whole city. The Tower is open everyday from 9:30 am until 11 pm so you can easily add it to your schedule.

If you want to be amazed by beautiful architecture you can visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. You can also go inside of it to see the beautiful lightning created by the South Rose Window. It is one of the greatest examples of French Gothic architecture, so if you are passionate about architecture, you must visit it.

Another important attraction offered by this amazing city is the Louvre Museum. Louvre is an incomparable historical monument and the largest art museum in the world. It is situated on the Right Bank of the Seine river being housed in the Louvre palace. The museum is also known to be the home of Mona Lisa. So if you are curious about the history of arts , The Louvre is the best attraction to visit for you.

  1. Dinant, Belgium

Dinant is a beautifully collared and charmfull city situated in the south of Belgium. It has rapidly become popular in the social media due to its beautiful aspect. Beside the fact that this city has a unique appearance, there are also many tourist attractions, great restaurants and it has many historical places.

One of the greatest historical attractions you can visit in Dinant is the House of Adolphe Sax, The inventor of the saxophone. As you go through the city you will see that Dinant is a city of adventure, with many restaurants and bars where you can listen to great music. Also if you enjoy having local drinks, don;t miss the “Leffe Blonde”. It is a very popular local beer brewed in that area. Also if you enjoy to play crazy time, you should pay a visit to the new Dinant Casino.

  1. Monte Isola, Italy

Monte Isole, is a beautiful island located in the northern part of Italy. The island is surrounded by the Iseolake and it is one of the most beautiful places in italy. It has been awarded by European Commission as “ European Destination of Excellence”. Monte Isola is a perfect location for the ones who want to enjoy the beauty of nature. The locals are very kind and helpful.

If you have passion for hiking this place is for you also, there are many tourist routes across the mountain that you can enjoy. You can enjoy and discover specialties from the local producers and the great italian cuisine.

  1. Cavtat, Croatia

If you are looking for a calm place, with great gastronomy, sunny weather, boats and beautiful beaches, Cavtat could be a great choice for you. Located in Croatia on the Adriatic coast, Cavtat is an amazingly beautiful city that has a lot to offer.

Cavtat is a great place to recharge your battery, being known as one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. You can visit the beautiful city by walking or by bike. You can also enjoy horseback riding or different types of water sports. Cavtat is a great historical and cultural heritage that must be visited, so, if you like seaside cities, add Cavtat to your bucket list.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Our last destination from this article is the beautiful Barcelona. Located in Spain, the city has a very beautiful appearance, a great history and many tourist attractions to visit.

Barcelona is well known for its Gaudi architecture. Going around the city you will get the chance to see the most beautiful and complex creations of Gaudi. SagradaFamilia is an astonishing creation of the architect that you should visit. Also, make sure to not miss the Park Guel. The beauty of this park will keep your attention engaged for sure. Inside the park you will also find the dragon fontaine which has some really impressive and unique decorations.

You can also visit the city by bike or you can pay to sit in a tourist bus, which will take you around the city so you can see each one of the main attractions.


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