7 places with best exchange rate

If you have been operating with cryptocurrency for a long time, then you previously have some confirmed exchange services. However where to go for a novice is an unusual issue. The most reliable approach out of this place is to apply the service-aggregator of exchangers. Such places are managed by advanced exchangers based on exchange rates, user studies, site ratings, Webmoney coupons, and much more. You can entrust your money or exchange safemoon to bnb to any exchanger in such an aggregator.


The B2BX cryptocurrency exchange is a successful exchange for both general buying/selling and cryptocurrency buying. The crypto exchange is suitable for both free dealers and corporate buyers.

The main focus is on user safety. Two-factor authentication (using Google Authenticator and SMS code) stops criminals from getting way to users’ wallets.

B2BX is a right program that contains the laws of the EU financial control. The crypto exchange has an Estonian license and is available to traders from 95% of all world jurisdictions. 98% of user funds are deposited in cold cryptocurrency wallets.

Reliability is the second aspect on which the site’s attention is focused. B2BX just operates with extremely liquid digital assets like BTC, ETH, XRP, NEO, plus other well-known digital coins.


Waves.Exchange poses itself as one of the most reliable crypto exchanges in the world. Waves. Exchange is a multifunctional program: you can instantly purchase Bitcoin and the platform’s own coins (USDN, or Neutrino USD, and WAVES), sale various combinations of cryptocurrencies, give your assets to staking, and spend your cash in cryptocurrencies or the Neutrino order immediately. Here you may find the best exchange rates of cryptocurrencies.


Chatex is original to the bottom of the exchangers on the table. The set soon proved itself as safe and sound and is currently employed by over 140,000 characters.

Chatex is not simply an exchanger, but a complete neobank in Telegram. In it, you may not just exchange, but additionally, store and also give cryptocurrency to users around the world. Enrollment in the service will need simply several minutes, and confirmation is free.


Online exchanger Matbi is rightfully considered one of the most popular and reliable services in the cryptocurrency market, as it is constantly developing and improving. The platform has been operating since 2014. Hereabouts you can buy/sell and collect:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Dash;

Built-in wallets for every cryptocurrency enable applying the Matbi set as a safe “cold” online storage.

To purchase a cryptocurrency, you require to go for easy registration on the website, then top up your personal account in rubles, and only then exchange rubles for Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Digital assets can be collected in Matbi or transferred to a third-party crypto wallet.


Quickchange.cc has been on the run for three years, which addresses its security. Newcomers should begin their trade with this exchanger. You can define the number you need to exchange or get, getting into account the setting performance. There is a chat with professional maintenance for quick problem-solving. The developers focused on maximum convenience.


The relatively young exchanger ChangeCoins appeared almost two years ago. They call their advantage user-friendliness. When you initial open the place, I need to buy with this. The interface is user-friendly, beautiful, and modern.


365Cash has been around for five years. Throughout the exchange, it quickly grows obvious what the setting fee will be; you can manually define the expected exchange products. There is an online chat. For novices, the setting may appear a little difficult, but sophisticated users will enjoy the benefit of the interface.

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