B2B From The Ground Up: How To Team Build On The First Day

The first day at work is a great opportunity to do some team building. Click here to find out how your B2B company should organise a team-building day.

Bringing a new team together is a critical time for any start-up business. When hiring, it is likely that you favoured applicants who were impressive on an individual level, but it is crucial that those applicants can work together and communicate effectively as a team.

A group of individuals does not lead to an effective company, especially when it comes to B2B. Coordination and coherency are needed – not only to ramp up productivity but also to create the transparent and efficient identity that clients are looking for.

Team Building Should Define Purpose

It is important that, during the first day of team building, you define the purpose of the business and what you are trying to achieve. This should be in a broad sense and on an individual level too. What is the role of each person in the team? Provide a clear vision which will set the foundations and get the team off on the right foot.

Demonstrate Their Worth

A recent survey suggested that 40% of employees in the UK feel like they are not valued by their company. This then leads to issues, as 70% are said to consider leaving their company on a regular basis due to disillusionment. It is your job to avoid that, and it can start right on the first day. Whilst defining your purpose, get into the details and ask the team to help build those foundations. Ask for their opinions on the product or service and how it can be changed. Marketing is important for a B2B service, so take notes on the b2b marketing channels they believe you should hit. By doing this, you immediately get the team involved in the details and help them feel valued.

Open Up The Floor

The other positive thing about the last point is that you are opening up the floor for dialogue. It is important that, in order to work as a team, the employees feel like they have a voice and are not afraid to use it. Encourage communication and allow each team member to get their point across.

Keep It Light

Team building exercises can say a lot about a company and how it operates, so this is as much a pressure moment for you as it is for the employees. Try to keep it light and unintimidating, and don’t make it all about work. Team building is designed to help members of a team get to know each other and build a work culture, which will then be translated over towards the clients and help to ensure their loyalty toward the company. It may sound cliché, but a happy office is a successful office, so make sure the first day is focused on the employees and not so much on their jobs.

Determine The Goals

That said, it is important to take the opportunity to really nail your goals. Don’t be afraid to become a bit of a broken record when it comes to this. It can take several repetitions before something starts to register in peoples’ heads, so use that time to make those goals part of the dialogue and form the culture around them.



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