Cheltenham horse racing news updates

Cheltenham Festival organizers found an additional sponsor in WellChild, and has gained a partner in ITV Racing, gaining increased coverage.

In order to counter the setbacks caused by most of the festivals and activities happening with little viewership coverage out of the sole reason that the doors are closed for the audience, RMG (Racecourse Media Group) has managed to persuade their mainstream media partner ITV to widen their broadcast from the traditional amount of five races, including the edition of the festival for this year.

Ian Renton, expressed gratefulness on behalf of everyone participating that the two big media houses allowed for the exception and that the sixth broadcast will be made possible, bringing far greater exposure to the audience than expected.

Watching the Races

ITV will be fitting all the races into a day-by-day program starting at 1PM and ending at 4:30PM, with the opening contests taking place at 1:20 each afternoon. The main events are scheduled every day at 3:05PM, with the gaps between the events being reduced from 40 to 35 minutes in order to fit the tighter schedule.

On the top of this, the event found a new sponsor in WellChild, a charity based in Cheltenham that focuses on providing support to the families having children with severe illnesses. Both the Golden Cup race as well as the festival will be financially covered by the charity.

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WellChild Jockey Club Sponsors Cheltenham Festival

WellChild has been truly active during the pandemic crisis, providing over 298 thousand pieces of PPE to a thousand of households that have been especially vulnerable during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The CEO of WellChild Colin Dyer responded to Renton’s comments and added that being from Cheltenham, it was only natural and exceedingly thrilling to hear from the Jockey Club and get an invitation for mutual collaboration, gracing the Festival and noting its importance.

Ian Renton applauded the efforts of the sponsoring organization in providing for those who needed the help the most during this pandemic, further expressing pride in taking their part in helping the charity gain more notice and public appearance.

He further expressed the need of numerous families across the nation for the vital support during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effort the organization has put to provide them with the vital support. Working together with the Jockey Club during the Cheltenham Festival will ensure the charity will keep up with the excellent work they’ve done in 2021 as well.

WellChild stepped in as a sponsor after the previous sponsor, the cider making Magners stepped down for unspecified reasons.

An additional sponsor has been revealed for the Plate Handicap, and this will be Paddy Power, the bookmaker from Ireland, which will get the plate rebranded to their company’s name—Paddy Power Plate. They have replaced the previous sponsors—Merribelle Stable and Brown Advisory, who have taken upon themselves to back the RSA Novices.

Excitement of the Event Just Around the Corner

The countdown to the Cheltenham Festival has begun as the 16 March 2021 approaches. We are less than a month away from all the action and we are all excited about the up-and-coming betting frenzy and the sportsbooks and the live action streamed via multiple internet feeds!


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