Don’t Know What You’ll Do When You Retire? Here Are 9 Retirement Ideas To Consider

Many people let their retirement creep upon them without overthinking about what they’ll do when they finish work. You might be thinking, “I’ll do whatever I want,” and this is true. However, you might not have considered things, and here are nine retirement ideas to consider.

  1. Travel 

According to the Financial Times, 50, 60, and 70-year-old travellers are getting increasingly adventurous in their destination choices. Also, tour operators are starting to cater to such rising demand for exotic holiday destinations. You are practically unlimited with how to satisfy your wanderlust.

Travel association ABTA data from 2018 indicated the over 75s, at 22%, were the most likely demographic to travel solo. Their data also showed an 11% increase in the number of 55-64-year-olds travelling alone. Approximately 40% of this age group hoped to meet new friends when on their travels.

Travel operators are reaping the benefits of these senior citizen adventure-seekers and are offering group or individual travel packages to exotic and far-flung locations. Travel events such as Destinations are an excellent way to connect with such operators.

  1. Have Quality Time With Your Family

Your initial thoughts of retirement may be about enjoying your time free from family pressures around the home. However, retirement provides you opportunities to create new memories with your family.

Multi-generational (3G) holidays are a fantastic way to enjoy some family time without dealing with everyday life pressures. Perhaps you will consider visiting any family who lives overseas, or maybe you’ll decide to organise a get-together for your extended family.

Spending time with your family in retirement also presents you with a potential financial opportunity. If you are less than 65 and you look after one of your grandchildren, you might be able to plug any National Insurance gaps you have.

You need to have contributed for thirty-five years to qualify for the full State Pension. Any gaps you have through unemployment or time off due to illness can be gapped by looking after grandchildren. Check your eligibility on the gov.uk website.

  1. Work Part-Time

Many people’s thoughts of retirement used to present them with an image of stopping work entirely. However, attitudes are changing, and many want to keep working beyond retirement age.

Research from a few years ago showed that around one-third of the workforce consisted of 60-64-year-olds. Also, part-time jobs tended to be filled by twice as many women as men; 27% compared to 13%.

With new freedoms offered by pension release, part-time work is becoming more attractive to many people. You now have the option of accessing your pension funds aged fifty-five. Doing so means that you can supplement your pension with part-time work.

Alternatively, when you are coming up for your retirement, you could suggest to your employer that you continue working part-time. Both you and your employer can benefit from this. You will have extra years contributing to your retirement funds, while your employer can take their time getting the perfect replacement for you. It’s critical to prepare ahead for your retirement and get professional assistance from a financial expert like Portafina.

  1. Walk More Often

Walking is a fantastic way to keep fit, and the best thing is that it’s generally free. To find a walking group in your area, try searching through the Ramblers website.

You also have the option of walking through some of the most beautiful grounds and gardens in the UK by visiting National Trust sites. Although you may have to pay to walk in these locations, over-60s can get discounted rates.

A way to bring an extra dimension to your walking activities is to take a dog – that is, if you like dogs, of course! You can find dogs near you that need walking by visiting Borrow My Doggy.

As well as improving your health, walking provides you with an excellent opportunity to socialise. Getting out for a walk will allow you to meet new people and make new friends.

  1. Exercise Your Brain

You don’t need to stop exercising your brain when you retire. Retirement presents you with plenty of opportunities to learn new skills or enhance your education. Your options for learning are virtually unlimited, with sites such as OpenLearn providing courses in history, literature, languages, science, mathematics, and others.

If online learning is not to your liking, you might even consider returning to school to get some more formal education. The good news is that you might not need any previous qualifications to gain entry into some courses. Moreover, you might be able to achieve a grant to help fund your studies.

If you are a creative person, you could consider taking up an art or craft such as painting, jewelry-making, or similar. Alternatively, you may have digital skills that you can use to extend your knowledge into other areas.

  1. Do Some Volunteering

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends. It also enables you to keep busy while helping others. There are plenty of opportunities to help your community or assist with a local project. This activity is particularly satisfying if the cause is close to your heart. You can find thousands of volunteering opportunities at Do-it.

  1. Move Overseas

Moving overseas might not go down too well initially with your family. However, the chance to visit warmer climates more frequently could soon get them onboard with the idea. Top locations for Brits to retire include Bulgaria, Portugal, and Spain.

However, before you decide to up sticks and move overseas, you should consider a few things. For instance, be aware of the cost of living in your new home, and don’t forget to consider healthcare costs. Also, understand what your State Pension entitlements are, and you can find this out by visiting the Gov.UK website.

  1. Start Blogging or Vlogging

Okay, you might think that this recommendation is a bit of a stretch, but bear with us. Modern digital channels and social media provide you with an opportunity to share your lifetime of skills, knowledge, and experience. You can be sure to find an audience looking for the exact things you have to offer. What’s best is that you can benefit financially from advertising or sponsorship once you’ve built up a significant following.

  1. Get Comfortable

YouGov research has shown that around 28% of Brits believe they will have insufficient funds for their retirement. Worse still, approximately 15% are convinced about this shortfall. It is crucial to plan for your retirement so that your post-working years can be as comfortable as possible.

You can take some straightforward steps that will help ensure your pension remains on track to provide you with a retirement income. Regularly reviewing your funds will allow you to check if high charges or poor performance are eroding your funds. Consult with a regulated financial advisor to help keep your pension on track.


You may or may not have started to consider what you’ll do when you retire. Either way, hopefully, this brief vertical will give you an idea of at least nine ideas of things to do in retirement.


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