Has Your Dream Staycation Turned Into A Nightmare? Here’s What You Can Do

If you are going on holiday within the UK this year, because of COVID-19 or otherwise, then you will be able to find a fine choice of options available to you. Like all holidays, things can go wrong out of no fault of your own. This is what you should do before and after a staycation.

Importance Of Travel Insurance

Even a holiday within your own country will require travel insurance. Whilst it’s not a legal responsibility, it is a good idea to best protect yourself. Especially with coronavirus leading to holidays being cancelled, you will want insurance to protect against a loss of income from a staycation that you have to cancel.

Keep Records And Document Everything

Even if you expect to have a holiday with no issues at all, you should still keep records of everything connected to your trip, this will be especially true for business people claiming a holiday as an expense. That will allow you to best protect yourself even when you don’t feel like there Is anything that needs to be protecting. This will include emails and conversations you’ve had with people during the booking stage, as well as keeping receipts and any proof of sale.

Once you are on your holiday, try to relax and switch off. However, if something does go wrong, try to note down what might have caused you any upset as you may need it in future. Once its written down in a safe place you can forget about it and carry on with your holiday. You will only need it for when the holiday is over and legal action may be required.

Understand Your Legal Rights

No matter where you go or what happens with your staycation, it’s important that you understand your legal rights. At the end of the day, purchasing a holiday of any kind, package or individual, is a product deal, or even a service. That’s why the legal rights with holidays come under the consumer law legalisation.

If you feel that you’ve had an issue with your staycation, from the travel agent or accommodation that you’ve booked with, then you should first ask them for a refund. It will depend on the nature of your issue to know where to go next. If you believe you have been lied to regarding the look of your staycation, then that will be a breach of consumer laws.

For that reason, it’s important to have a solicitor on your side that understands the laws behind the Consumer Rights Act. Ashwood Solicitors can offer a free initial discussion so that you can gauge how much of a potential case you could have with consumer law. This will allow you to find out quickly if you need any legal assistance, or if it can be resolved a different way.

How To Choose Your Staycation

On some occasions, the accommodation provider may misrepresent the area that you are staying in. It is important that any holiday goer is aware of their rights. If they are an innocent victim where the holiday has been mis-sold or the accommodation has been falsely advertised, then they will have the right to redress.

You will also have several providers to choose from, such as Airbnb or more traditional hotels and holiday providers. You will have household names such as Butlins or Centre Parks, as well as any beach location too.

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