Her Majesty Casinos. What Is the Difference Between Online UK Casinos and Canadian/Australian Online Casinos?

Gambling, in general, is one of the hobbies that is pretty much present all over the populated areas of the world. However in some countries, it is legal, some have certain restrictions, and there are those geographies where all forms of gambling are illegal. It mostly depends on how the population of a certain region views gambling. On the other hand, there are countries that have a ridiculously high number of gamblers, like Australia and Canada, and the gambling industry is actually one of the pillars of those economies.


Online casinos have become one of the most popular forms of gambling, and they have been a topic of controversy for quite some time. Here we will examine how online casinos from the UK are different from those in Canada and Australia, and why they are different. Also, we are mainly going to focus on casino games and not on sports betting. These two often go together and are available on the same site, but a lot of people don’t like to group them together and they are often examined separately.


Governments frequently use games of chance to increase their budget and facilitate further development of the country. In fact, this is how Canada started to slowly introduce gambling back from the completely banned zone. Back in 2010, online gambling became a fast-growing industry, thanks to the more favourable infrastructure. Potential users had better access to the internet, they were smartphone owners, and there better software was available for app design.


It is around that time that European countries began to legalize online gambling, and more operators appeared on the market. In the UK however, this activity was legal since 2005, and they already had companies who were seasoned veterans at that point. However, the situation is vastly different in Australia and Canada. Here the act of online gambling is legal and they do play a lot of casino games. Yet it’s not allowed to be an operator in either of those countries, and they have no domestic online casinos. Meaning, most of the games they are playing are hosted by foreign providers.

Different Bonuses in the UK Online Casinos

One thing that users love about online casinos is different bonuses, promo codes, and welcome offers. This encourages players to try out different operators and even benefit from that arrangement to an extent. Now, these incentives are aimed to increase user engagement and as such are tailored towards a specific audience. Since online UK casinos with numerous promotions are mainly aimed at people from Great Britain, they have good feedback on how to create bonuses to make most of the players happy. When it comes to Canada and Australia, they just have to browse different foreign operators, to find bonuses that suit them.


Luckily, a lot has changed with respect to this issue. Australia and Canada are driving a lot of traffic to foreign sites, and they don’t really have to use VPN to access those operators. In countries where online gambling is banned, people often go on these sites using a virtual private network and a proxy IP that identifies them as a citizen of a different country. Since this is not the case with these two, operators created versions of these sites specifically tailored to user groups in either Australia or Canada.

Sites Optimized for Users from Australia/Canada

This is one of the reasons why from a user perspective there is not a significant difference between the UK online gambling sites and those in Australia or Canada. When a site is optimized for a certain market, it means the platform has undergone a localization process. They are in the language users can understand, the currency is the user’s native currency, and the payment methods available, correspond to those options that are used by those customers.


To give an example of this, a casino app for Australian users will have pokies, offer bonuses and payouts in Australian dollars, and have Australian payment gateways. The same applies to Canada.

Economic Impact

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Given how there is not much difference from a users’ standpoint nowadays, you can argue that it doesn’t matter whether this activity is legal or not. Well, there is one big factor that really sets them apart and that is the economic impact. You see, in the UK in the year 2017-2018 people spent around 5.6 billion pounds on online casinos, and that money stayed in the UK.  Casinos often act as sponsors for sports teams, or support charitable causes, and are also taxed by the government.


This is clearly not the case in either Australia or Canada. Although these countries do have land-based casinos and they also contribute greatly to the overall economic growth, all of the revenue from playing online casino games goes to foreigners. Meaning, their sports teams miss out on potential sponsors, fewer funds for the government, and even fewer funds for charity.



As you can see on the surface level the gameplay experience isn’t different and each country has access to platforms that are tailored towards their citizens. The only real difference is that online gambling businesses are legal in the UK, and are dominating the international market. These same operators are available in Australia and Canada, so you can argue that they are all playing on the same sites. Yet, the UK is the one getting the money from all of these player groups.

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