Is it possible to beat online casinos ?

After reading the title, many would say, well, of course you can! As in any other casino requires only a little luck, and here you go, rustling pleasantly won bills (in the case of the online, receiving a check by mail or transfer via PayPal). Another option is to get a bonus and win, thanks to it. But that’s not what I meant, I’m talking about the possibility of winning at the casino, not through luck or bonuses, but through pure mathematics!

Players know that casino games are designed so that the casino has an advantage over player, however its very small. The rules of the games are that if you bet $100, on average (!) you’ll only get back $90-$99 (it may be lower, depending on the game). Or, to put it in statistical terms, the mathematical expectation of payments in the casino is 90-99%, with a player loss (also called the casino advantage) of 1-10%. In practice, however, things are not so bad: for advertising purposes casinos can offer games with positive expectation for the player, and some games with certain skills can change the expectation from negative to positive. First and foremost, it’s a matter of card counting: a blackjack player, given the cards that are out of play, can wait for the remaining deck to turn a casino advantage into a player advantage in amount from 0.2 to 2%. You can always try various strategies as well; this is especially great since you can play and practice at online casinos for free. Check this top list casinos online with free demo mode and hone your skills!

But back to our question: is it possible to achieve a player advantage in online casinos? It turns out you can! Consider the options below.

Games with a built-in player advantage

In some online casinos like the ones listed here – toponlinecasinoaustralia.com/quality-casinos, individual games can offer payouts slightly greater than 100% (when played with an optimal strategy, of course). Typically, these games include variations of video poker (such as Dueces Wild by RTG or All-American poker by Kryptologic) and blackjack (such as single deck blackjack by Bossmedia), but the player advantage there is very small, no more than 0.7%.

Jackpot games

Let’s take a simple example: there is a standard video poker game Jacks or Better. With a normal payout table, the casino advantage for this game is about 0.5%. Now add a progressive jackpot to the game, and what do we see? Starting at a certain jackpot value (for the above Jacks or better with five 25c coins the jackpot should be about $1250) the expectation becomes positive and continues to grow with the jackpot (about 2% with each additional $1000). Clearly, the higher expectation is only realized if you collect a royal flush, but for a video poker fan this task is quite realistic, and the game is worth it. Any game with a progressive jackpot can achieve a positive expectation, but for slots it is impossible to calculate the required jackpot value without knowing the exact probability of all combinations, and this probability is known only to the developers. Thus, it is possible to get a reliable jackpot advantage when assisting only in video poker and Caribbean poker.

Card Counting in live casino games

Card counting in real casinos is made possible by the fact that the casino cannot shuffle the deck after each game, and as a result at least half of the pack of 4, 6 or 8 decks are played. In online casinos, the computer can easily shuffle the deck many times per second, or simply play an “infinite” deck where the probability of each card being drawn is constant. The vast majority of casinos do so, but there are a small number of casinos that “simulate” real casinos and “shuffle” the virtual deck only after a number of games. In a casino with software Cryptologic in multiplayer mode played a third of the eight decks (33% cutoff), and in the casino Global Player – half of the six decks. In addition, now more and more widespread are “live” online casinos with video broadcasts from real casinos. In such casinos the cutoff is also about 50% and in principle allows card counting. Another issue is that with such a small cutoff is unlikely to achieve a significant advantage, but theoretically go to a positive expectation is possible. But it is not necessary to memorize the cards, you can use a computer program that will keep score for the player and immediately give accurate recommendations for changing the basic strategy in accordance with the cards.

Playing as a dealer

For a couple of years now, there is software on the market that allows the player to take part in the game as a dealer against other players. Casinos with software Be the Dealer give everyone the opportunity to try themselves as a dealer. If you make a deposit and also during the game as a player, you receive special points which can be spent on playing as a dealer. The casino charges the dealer 1.5% of the winnings, but there are plenty of games where the casino’s advantage is much higher than 1.5%, such as Casino War, Slots, Roulette, Caribbean Poker, etc. Thus, it is quite possible to count on a good winnings.

Of course, online casino players mostly have to rely on luck (as well as the help of bonuses), but, as we can see, and online there are options mathematically verified winnings. Hope to earn any meaningful money due to the small advantage of the player that provides online, of course, is not worth it, however, the fact that you will not lose your savings quickly, should please. With a large number of online casinos, you can always find a few decent places with games that offer the player bigger advantage at casino games then in other places.

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