Know Who You Are Betting With Never Fall For Lottery Scams!


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Most lottery games are national lotteries or in the United States, state lotteries. In the early 20th century lotteries were illegal in the United States and Europe. However, after World War II, the governments began the lotteries as a way to raise revenue without raising taxes. These lotteries are easily found and recognized. Most of the time, you buy your lottery tickets at a retailer authorized to sell the tickets. However, things are changing. Many states have gone live with websites that allow people to play their lotto games from remote locations. With the pandemic, this is saving the “paper” lotto industry.

Online casinos

Another major player in the lottery world is the offshore casino. Offshore casinos big enough to be a competitor in the lottery industry are few. Lottoland is an industry leader. Lottoland offers lottery games that match those available in the countries or states that people are accustomed to. They can place their bets online from their computer or phone. They can also play all their favorite casino games, either on video machines or with live dealers. If they want to watch sports or place a bet on their team, that’s there too. Best of all, this is all done with real money that goes into your account instantly. You can look at Lottolands website and learn everything you need to know about the company. You can easily check them out and see how many winners have won the lottery through them. You can learn how they pay, and what the rules are. You should be able to do this with anyone you are dealing with online.

In 2018 Lottoland won the Guinness World Records achievement for the world’s biggest online payout.  Lottoland boasts the biggest online lottery winner ever. A lucky winner from Germany won the EuroJackpot top prize of €90 million (£79m) at Lottoland. Guinness World Records confirmed the jackpot is the Largest online gambling pay-out in history. They confirmed what everyone can and should confirm when they play the lottery. The company is a legal, licensed, and legitimate company.

Lottery and Sweepstakes that you should question

There are scam artists out there that use technology and sophisticated ways of trying to separate people from their money. There are entire organizations that do this and they focus on everyone from those desperately trying to make a living to the wealthy who are trying to become wealthier. A smart person checks out a company before they invest their money with them. Even a few dollars can turn into a fake winning that can lead people into scams that can cost them everything. Here are some tips to help you spot a fake lottery or sweepstake.

Lotto Ticket warnings

Lottery tickets on a national or state level would be almost impossible to fake. If you buy them from the vendor that is registered (you will know by the signs and the multiple tickets available as well as the information printed on the back of your tickets) or their online sites, they are real.

If you buy them from an online lottery company and casino, they are backed by insurance and you are betting on the outcome of the lottery. The site will provide all of this information. In mega-corporations like Lottoland, they own their insurance company and are a proven company. There are many ways to verify their legitimacy. If you cannot do the same with an online company, you should use extreme caution. Anyone can build a website and design a ticket.

Sweepstakes warnings

  • Never pay them. They tell you that you have won money. Then they say they are going to send you more money than you actually won, but they need you to wire back the difference as your processing fees. This is how you will get your full amount without processing. This is a scam. No one ever sends you money that they want you to send back.
  • You have won an overseas lottery. All you have to do is pay the taxes. Once you have paid the taxes, there will be customs fees, and bank fees, and more. This is a scam. People have spent their entire life savings trying to collect on fortunes that do not exist.
  • If you didn’t enter a sweepstakes, you didn’t win one. You get a call saying you have won. You say, but I have not entered any sweepstakes. They ask you if you have bought anything from Whole Foods, or if you have used your Visa card to buy coffee at Starbucks or any number of normal things. If you answer yes, they say something like “Well, thanks to your good spending habit you were automatically entered in the sweepstake and it paid off.” Don’t be fooled. If you did not enter, you did not win. If they want to send you money, ask them to deduct the fees from the winnings and send it to a local bank (not yours) in the form of a bank wire.

It pays to be careful. Know who you are betting with. If it seems strange, go with your gut. If you are afraid someone has targeted you and your banking information may be compromised, contact your bank immediately. It is always better to be proactive. You can have fun, and you can bet, and you can win. But first, you have to play.




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