Revpanda Has Sponsored SiGMA’s Two iGathering Events

SiGMA organises several social networking events every year with the intention of bringing the stalwarts of different industries under one roof for an entire evening. These no-expenses-spared lavish events, iGatherings, are the ideal platform for the top C-level executives to meet, interact, and discuss ideas.

Award-winning digital marketing agency Revpanda has sponsored two iGatherings in September 2021. The events in Barcelona and Amsterdam took place on September 21 and 29 respectively. But this isn’t Revpanda’s first association with SiGMA. Team Revpanda attended several of SiGMA’s social gatherings in the past and was highly impressed by the arrangements.

What are the Highlights of iGathering?

Usually hosted at luxury resorts, poolside restaurants, and lavish yachts, SiGMA iGathering is the largest congregation of veterans and professionals from different industries like online entertainment, health, finance, and media, among others. SiGMA throws lavish dinner parties at prime locations like New York, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and Barcelona every year. Entry is by invitation only.

Selective entry preserves the exclusivity of the event and promotes interaction. The guest list was restricted to 200 top C-level executives from various industries, who converge to spend an evening meeting their peers, reminiscing about the past, and reflecting upon future prospects. These events are ideal for forging new connections and spending a gala time in the company of like-minded individuals.

iGathering is an excellent venue for industry professionals to meet new contacts and build partnerships. The following SiGMA iGathering event takes place on 17 November 2021, in Malta. Future events will be held in Manila, London, Dubai and many other top capitals of the world.

About Revpanda

Revpanda is an award-winning digital marketing agency specialising in providing cutting-edge solutions to established and emerging brands across various industries. Revpanda’s translation services, along with copywriting, SEO, web development, and payment testing services are the company’s highlights. It also specialises in CRM, PPC, link building, and brand management.

Revpanda is a results-driven digital marketing agency that counts on hard stats and metrics to analyse performance. The team is known for delivering growth-focused solutions with real-time benefits for the clients. Revpanda’s advanced digital marketing solutions guarantee results.

As a truly global agency, Revpanda has spent the better part of 2021 travelling around Europe. In addition to Cyprus and other iGatherings, Revpanda has taken part in TES Affiliate Conference 2021 in Prague, SBC Summit in Barcelona and iGB in Amsterdam. If you find yourself in any of the biggest affiliate conferences in the world, chances are that you will be able to meet Revpanda in person and say hi!  


SiGMA iGathering is one of the most prestigious networking events around the world. Revpanda takes its relationship with the SiGMA Group to the next level by sponsoring two of its events. Apart from promoting the event, the premium digital marketing agency has also visited two iGatherings in September 2021, the iGathering dinner at Limassol, Cyprus being the latest in a long line of events. Follow DUK news for more.

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