Should You use Blinds Or Curtains For Your Windows

If you’ve ever decorated your home, you’ve likely asked yourself “Should I get blinds or curtains for my windows?” it’s a question that has persisted over the past few hundred years as would be decorators weigh up the various benefits and drawbacks of each window shade, only to ultimately go with what they think looks nicer.

While style certainly should be a factor when you decorate your home, when it comes to shading your windows, there are other factors at play and installing the wrong type of shade in the wrong room can end up with you needing to replace it far sooner than you would have liked.

To help you avoid the indignity of accidentally destroying your window shades, made to measure blinds retailer DotcomBlinds have leant us their experts to give you some insight into where you should use blinds in your home and where you should use curtains.


There are so many different types of blinds available nowadays, from the classics like Roman blinds and Venetian blinds, all the way up to modern blinds like Day & Night blinds. Because there are so many types of blinds, they’re incredibly versatile and can be used anywhere in your home, as long as you purchase the correct type.

So, blinds can go pretty much anywhere in your home, you just need to find the correct type with the correct material, a nice soft silky Roman blind in a kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen the moment you start cooking, but an ‘easy wipe’ PVC Roller blind is practically built for kitchen environments.


When it comes to curtains, there are far less options and configurations available than compared to blinds, the main differences between curtains is the materials they use and how they attach to your curtain pole, whether it be by eyelet or by hooks. This isn’t a bad thing though, curtains have simplicity on their side!

You won’t often find curtains made of non-fabric materials, which isn’t a bad problem, you have to imagine a PVC curtain would not look anywhere near as good as one made of a velvety fabric. Because of this, you’ll want to keep curtains away from wet areas like your bathroom and messy areas like your kitchen as food stains and water will damage your curtains.

So What Goes Where?

Now you know the basics of blinds and curtains, you now need to know what is the best choice for each room of your home, there are plenty of options for you to choose and some rooms should have no restrictions on what shading they have, but nonetheless, let’s go through them!

Living Room – Anything Goes

In your living room, there are no environmental factors like dampness for you to worry about, so any choice you make here will be a good choice. More than anything in your living room you should simply opt for whatever window shade best fits in with your existing décor.

Bedroom – Blackout Blinds or Curtains

Like the living room, your bedroom doesn’t have any environmental hazards which could pose a threat to your window shades. But you should consider light pollution, which means you’ll need a blackout blind or curtain if you want to stop light leaking into your bedroom and keeping you up ta night.

Kitchen – PVC Roller Blinds or Metal Venetian Blinds

The big danger in the kitchen is stains, because you don’t want to spend £100’s on blinds or curtains and have them ruined by a small spill, you should opt for ‘easy-wipe’ PVC Roller blinds or Metal Venetian Blinds as they’re the easiest types of shades to clean and keep in good condition. If you’re brave you can make another choice, but you’ll always be one food spill away from having to replace them.

Bathroom – PVC Roller Blinds

For window shades, the bathroom is the most dangerous room of the house, fabric shades will get damp and mouldy, metal shades will rust and wooden shades will deteriorate from the water and steam. So PVC Roller blinds are the best choice here as they won’t absorb the water or be damaged by it.

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