The Best Countries for Hiking in the World 

What do you do when the trials and tribulations of everyday life tire you off? Of course, you head out for a hike and seek solace in the mountains. After all, places like mountains, beaches and lakes are some of the places that can help you say goodbye to that daily stress. However, there are people who relax while playing at the casino, especially when having a chance to get a TrueBlue casino no deposit bonus. So, which are the perfect places for you to unwind or go on a hike? Here are the top six countries that you must explore if you are a true hiking enthusiast.

1. France 

Though France is mostly about great cheeses, museums, and Champs-Elysees, the French Alps are also the home to some of the finest hikes in the world. The country has varied and dramatic scenery, along with an absolutely irresistible and distinctive culture, which adds up to magnificent hiking routes. If you have to choose one destination in France, go for the southeast Alps. The gushing river systems and snowy terrain offer a good challenge to the hikers who love the thrill. If you are looking for something gentler, choose the rolling countryside. 

All over the country, small villages have hiking trails going from them, which gives hikers a good chance of exploring several scenic places in the country. Almost all the places in France have hiking trails properly mapped out. There are two types of hiking paths in France:

  • The smaller paths are known as PR (Petites Randonnees), and
  • The major routes are known as GR (Grandes Randonnees) 

These trails have their starting points near a boulangerie, where you will get all kinds of mouthwatering nourishments that you’ll require for the excursion. 

2. Peru 

There are enough reasons for Peru to feature on this list. The Andes, which is the longest mountain range in the world, runs along the length of this country. The route that reaches Machu Picchu is the most popular Andean hike here. It gives hikers the chance to look at the ancient ruins, marvel at the breathtaking view, and explore a highly rocky terrain. Though the trail comes with a comparatively mild climate, steer clear of these paths in the time between October and April. 

However, the hiking trails of Peru do not end at Machu Picchu. You will find amazing hiking trails in the string of majestic mountains at the Cordillera Blanca. The trails take you from lofty peaks to deep valleys, and you will love the ride. For instance, the Santa Cruz trail in Huaraz takes you on hiking paths past glacier-fed lakes. The ethereal sounds of huge ice blocks breaking down and falling in the water will keep you mesmerized. 

3. United States of America 

The United States of America is vast. The climatic and cultural differences between the west and east coasts are remarkable. Thus, it is not easy to generalize the type of hiking trails you are going to get here. All you can do is explore these amazing hiking opportunities yourself. As such, there are fifty-eight national parks in the country, and each one of them is worth a visit. You must have heard the famous names like Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone.  

If you want something more mountainous, check out the Rockies in Colorado. The ones looking for something more scenic and colder should try out Alaska for hiking. The path you take depends on the sights and scenes that you plan to see. Whether you want to explore ancient forests, abundant wildlife, glaciers, or deserts, the country has all you want. You will find all kinds of cultures, climates, and routes from Maine to California. 

4. New Zealand 

The Kiwis are an outdoorsy and adventurous bunch. In fact, hiking is almost a national pastime in the country. When you reach the landscapes in Middle -Earth, it is easy to understand why. In between the main islands, you’ll get some of the most breathtaking hikes in this world. You will get to see national parks, waterfalls, lakes, forests, and mountains. To add to that, there are enough geysers and hot pools around to spice up the things. 

New Zealanders get an extended network of some really great trails, which are clearly well-maintained and marked. Department of Conservation (DOC) living quarters are scattered all over these trails. So, planning an expedition of one or two nights or more would not be difficult. Although the climate usually remains mild, the South Island gets snow from June to October. Several areas are so remote that hikers need to be cautious about their safety. 

5. Norway

Norway is a pretty expensive country, but it should not put you off. It is one of the best countries on the continent for cross-country skiing and certainly one of the greatest countries for hiking. After all, what do you expect to get in a country that has defined polar exploration? At the end of the day, it was Roald Amundsen who triumphed over Captain Scott to reach the South Pole more than one hundred years ago. 

Also, only remote areas of Iceland and Russia come with a lower population density compared to Norway. So, it will not take much for you to go out of the city limits and enter into the depths of nature. The laws of the country will not stop you from exploring the wilderness. Just remember to stay 500 ft. from a building while laying down your camp. 

6. Andorra 

Though most people would not consider Andorra as a great hiking destination, it comes with several unique features, which makes it an amazing place to hike. Mainly because of the small size of the nation, hikers get to traverse the place well. After all, it is not impossible to cover 180 square miles in one hike. Mountains, forests, and caves give hikers the chance to take a look at the diverse scenery of the beautiful country. 

Also, Andorra is one of the finest places in the world to hike because of the lesser-known status that it holds. It is neatly situated between Spain and France. Many people do not even know that the country exists – forget about going on a hike there. It also means that you will not have to share the trails with other visitors. You get to enjoy the beauty in absolute tranquillity. 


So, which of these six countries are you planning to start your hike with? Which of these countries have you already been to? It is time to pack your bags and explore more countries on your hiking adventures. Take your pick from these six options, and get going. 


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