Tommy Fury doesn’t have ‘it’, does he?

A lot has been made of the fact that Tommy Fury is the brother of current WBC and lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury. Admittedly, why shouldn’t that be the case when you consider what an intriguing prospect Tommy could be in the world of boxing? After all, if his career takes the same trajectory as his brother’s, there may well be two world champions in the sport going by the name of Fury.

Indeed, you just need to look at where Tyson finds himself these days, as he prepares to fight Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas, to understand how close he is to rewriting boxing folklore. The 33-year-old Englishman is expected to ease past Wilder, according to the latest boxing bettings odds. Tyson’s pegged to win with odds of 2/7, while a draw is probable at 25/1 and Wilder is staked at odds of 5/2 to dethrone the champ.

However, it’s Tyson’s next fight against Anthony Joshua that could truly define his career and give him a legacy as the best boxer in the history of the sport. Crucially, the most up-to-date boxing betting tips suggest Fury will beat Joshua when they eventually go head-to-head. In reality, and given how close Tyson is set to become the greatest of all time, it probably is slightly unfair to compare everything that Tommy does in the ring to Tyson’s impressive exploits.


Furthermore, Tommy is of course 11 years Tyson’s junior and forging his own way in the boxing industry. With that being said, we have now seen Tommy fight in seven professional matches and because of that, can begin to make a few predictions of our own.

First off, and let’s get this out the way, it’s now abundantly clear that Tommy won’t go on to become a world champion of his division or any other for that matter. Some may decide that this is a rather brutal assessment of his chances, but you only needed to watch his last fight against Anthony Taylor to understand that he has several very real limitations in the ring.

Indeed, not being able to knock Taylor out – who was making his boxing debut – was a damning indictment of Tommy’s ability. The 22-year-old huffed and puffed but couldn’t find a way to send Taylor to the canvas, despite the former MMA man not offering much back in terms of offence.

In addition to that, and looking back on his record, Fury has managed to record four KOs or TKOs in his seven bouts but out of those four fighters, only one has ever managed to win a match. In fact, those four fighters that Fury stopped have a collective 72 professional losses among them. In other words, Fury hasn’t fought anyone remotely talented so far.

The calibre of Tommy’s opponent doesn’t look to be improving much either with the former Love Island contestant set to fight Jake Paul next. Paul has been the focus of a furious debate about whether YouTubers should be welcomed in the professional boxing ring, so Tommy’s willingness to go toe to toe with him once again makes light of his ambition in the sport.


Undoubtedly, Tommy will make a lot of money out of a match with Paul and perhaps he knows that his time in the ring won’t be a long one, so the best bet is to make hay whilst the sun shines by taking part in gimmicky fights. That’s his prerogative and he’s entitled to do what he sees as the best option in order to secure his financial future. Regrettably, however, you would have to say that by now, it’s not only fight fans but also Tommy himself that knows that he doesn’t have the elusive ‘it’ that’s needed to get to the top.

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