What Are the Benefits of Going to Church?

Have you been debating whether or not you should go to church?

Whether you’re a practicing Christian or someone who is curious about the faith, churches often serve as warm and welcoming places. Still, with most people holding down full-time jobs or academic work, many ask themselves, “Why go to church? Why shouldn’t I spend my Sundays doing something else?”

These are great questions, and even regular churchgoers ask themselves this from time to time. So what are the benefits of going to church?

We’ll get into the different reasons to go to church below. Keep reading to learn more!

Growing Closer to God

One of the key benefits of going to church lies in your own ability to grow closer to God.

Christians believe that God is a personal being. He invites His followers to get to know Him by spending time in church, reading Scripture, and praying. If a pastor places God at the center of their teachings, they always seek to speak biblical truth and shepherd the church attendees closer to God.

As a result, many people foster their faith during their time in church. They learn more about God and what He wants, and they have the chance to apply what He teaches to their lives.

Learning from a Trained Theologian

For Christians, the Bible serves as the central textbook for life. It’s God’s Word to us, giving us guidance, and we’re extremely fortunate to have it.

Even though Christians believe the Bible is universally applicable, they also accept that it was written within a specific cultural and historical context. If you’ve ever found the Bible hard to interpret and apply to your life, you might benefit from a trained theologian guiding you through it.

Many pastors and other clergy members have spent years studying the Scriptures, often under revered theologians. When you go to church, you have the ability to learn from people who are Bible scholars and have the ability to contextualize the Bible for you and share how it applies to life today.

Gaining Fellowship

The Bible encourages Christians to meet with one another and form relationships. In Christianity, this is often known as “fellowship.”

This serves many purposes. First, it gives you a place to meet other, like-minded people. If you’re a Christian, you’ll have the opportunity to befriend people who share your faith. If you’re at church to learn more about Christianity, you’ll meet people who can answer your questions and may even encounter some others like you.

Throughout the history of Christianity, fellowship has served as fortifying encouragement for people who have been persecuted and even put to death for their beliefs. Even though Christian persecution still exists in some areas of the world, many countries allow Christians to practice their faith freely.

Still, churchgoers often find making friends at church helpful, especially if they don’t encounter many other Christians in their everyday lives, and they enjoy participating in the tradition of going to church.

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Ready to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Going to Church

So, do the benefits of going to church sound appealing to you?

There are many reasons Christians go to church every Sunday (or sometimes, Saturday evening). At church, people often find themselves growing closer to God, learning from a trained theologian, and gaining a place for fellowship. This is what makes church so appealing to many people across the globe.

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