What Are the Major Causes of Slip And Fall Injuries at Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe for seniors and the elderly but slip and fall accidents can still happen. A slip can occur when someone steps on an oil or grease spot, loose carpet fibers, wet floor signs, or even a towel left on the ground. These accidents often lead to serious injuries such as broken bones. The following information will explore some major causes of these types of incidences in nursing homes. The experienced and knowledgeable slip and fall lawyers at Salamati Law Firm in California have provide a multitude of reasons that can and sure enough lead to a slip and fall accident in a nursing home.

Loose Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers can create an uneven surface on the floor which can lead to a slip and fall accident, especially when carpets are wet or dirty. If these carpet fibers get pulled up during daily traffic, it will increase the risk of someone slipping and falling. This is a common slip-and-fall accident in nursing homes, especially with patients who have difficulty walking or using wheelchairs.

Oil Spots

The most typical cause is oil spots on the floor that lead to slipping. Oil can be left on the floors during food preparation for cooking. It is also possible that cooking oils might slip through the cracks in the floor, which creates a slip-and-fall risk for those on higher levels.

Loose or Wet Towels

It matters not whether it’s due to pressure washing, cleaning supplies, spills from food preparation areas, or even just an accident with a wet towel.  Such an accident in a nursing home may happen at any time. A damp or loose towel can create a slip and fall risk for those who walk through the area where it’s located.

Wet Floors

Damp floors are slip and fall risks for everyone, but it is especially dangerous for those who walk with difficulty or use wheelchairs. Wet floors can lead to slip and falls where the floor meets another surface like a chair leg, which causes someone to slip and fall. When these accidents happen they often result in broken bones for patients, leading to hospital visits.

How To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in Nursing Homes

Encourage patients to use walkers or wheelchairs. This helps them move freely and reduces slip-and-fall accidents. Provide patients with shoe covers, which can help keep their feet clean of oils or dirt that may cause slip-and-falls. “Wet Floor” signs should be placed throughout the nursing home to warn people before they reach a slippery spot. Clean up any spills on the floor promptly, especially those with cooking oils like vegetable oil or olive oil. Routinely check for loose carpets fibers by lifting them from their edges before walking over them.


These incidences in  nursing homes can be prevented by following these tips so that patients are more aware of their surroundings, reducing risk factors for them to slip or lose balance on a wet surface. Nursing homes should also have routine inspections for slip-and-fall accidents caused by oil spots, damp or loose towels, and slip signs.

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