What’s Happening To The Wedding Industry In 2021?

For many engaged couples the past year has been a very challenging time, especially for those couples who had planned on getting married in 2020. Many have postponed their days to 2021 in the hope that we would be back to some sort of normality by now, yet sadly they are still waiting for clarity and a roadmap from the government. There have been lots of business owners within the wedding industry who have come together to campaign and fight hard for weddings to be included on the roadmap at the end of February. This would make a huge difference and give a lot of couples and suppliers the clarity they need to be able to plan accordingly.

For all those couples who are due to get married in 2021 there are plenty of trends that we think will be big for this year. Obviously many aspects of your special day will have been impacted by Coronavirus which might have affected your original plans, but this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It could actually be a positive thing allowing you to spend budget on other areas of your day, or perhaps opt for an alternative, smaller venue and spend more on your decorations and entertainment. There will be two main trends for weddings this year, either people will opt for smaller, more intimate weddings, or due to the lack of physical contact with friends and family over the past year, they will go for larger weddings and make it a real celebration!

Strength in the industry

Many wedding business owners have struggled a lot during 2020 with being forced to close and not being able to work, and some not receiving any financial help at all. It’s taken a toll on many business owners’ mental health and some have sadly been forced to shut down due to the lack of help and not being able to financially sustain their businesses. The industry, however, has seen massive strength though throughout the pandemic with the #WhatAboutWeddings campaign and the UK Weddings Task Force. It has shown the resilience of people and how much the industry sticks together and supports one another. The wedding industry during 2021 will only get stronger and individuals will build lasting bonds with fellow suppliers.


As well as supporting smaller, independent businesses, couples will look at incorporating more sustainability into their days with people thinking more about how their decisions impact the environment. This could be in the way that they choose to decorate their venue, or perhaps even in the venue they choose. Couples may want to experiment with a completely vegan menu or perhaps use locally produced food from local farmers.

Entertainment and ambience

With live music and gigs being cancelled for the past year, 2021 will see couples choosing to spend more of their budget on entertainment for their big day and look at ways to create more of an experience for their guests and really enhance the ambience. There are lots of ways to do this, from having live music played for during your ceremony, to having a band for your evening celebrations. 2021 will be all about creating a fantastic experience for not only the couple, but for all of the guests too.

Smaller weddings

Many couples were forced to adapt their wedding plans in 2020 with many opting for smaller celebrations, and in many cases this was limited to only 15 people. Although a lot of people found it hard to reduce their numbers down to such a small number, many have actually embraced it and changed their plans to create a smaller celebration. There are some benefits to organising a smaller wedding, not to mention the money you will save that you can spend on enhancing the ambience instead. Although a wedding for only 15 people is not viable long term for venues, if people wanted to opt for smaller weddings of perhaps 50 guests then there are plenty of unique, intimate wedding venues that they could look at. If your heart is set on a grand venue though, but you’ve decided to have a smaller number of guests, you could speak to your venue and see if they have any smaller rooms available to hire instead.

Weekday weddings

For many years Saturday has been the most popular day for people to get married as it allows people to attend without needing time off from work, and also allows them to enjoy the day without having to worry about going to work the next day. Many people who have had to postpone their wedding days have had to choose a mid-week wedding instead of a weekend, due to availability. This is something that will continue into 2021 with many couples looking at reducing their costs and perhaps opting for a mid-week wedding instead.


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