Will 5G Be Beneficial For England, Or Will Some Areas Be Left Out?

Firstly, let’s clarify what 5G is and what it means to us.

In a nutshell, it’s fifth-generation cellular technology, bringing huge improvements in speed, reliability, and near-zero latency. It works on much shorter wavelengths at a higher frequency, which means the distances the energy waves can travel are much shorter, requiring many more towers or repeaters. This makes it safer than 2G,3G, and 4G, as these short waves cannot penetrate the body. As 5G rolls out across the country, we expect to see many more large towers like this. These could be upgrades to existing towers or completely new ones.


And small cell repeaters like this on lampposts, telephone poles, and exterior walls.

When will 5G be Available in My Area?

The projected dates vary by the network provider, with all of them rolling out to cities and major towns first and then to more remote areas. The general consensus is that over half of the UK population should have 5G by 2023, with full rollout taking a further five years, completing in 2028. However, it’s worth noting that half the population is far from the same thing as half of the UK, as most of the population is concentrated in cities and towns, which is where the rollout started. It may take a couple of years before the vast majority will have access to 5G towers.

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Does it Matter Which Network I Use?

Networks differ in the areas they cover and in their speeds for downloading and uploading data. Most major networks will provide 5G in major towns and cities, but this doesn’t mean they will all cover the more remote areas. That said, there should be at least one network providing 5G wherever you are. Affordability may be an issue for the most remote areas.

You may come across the term ‘5G anywhere’.We’re not clear on what is meant by ‘5G anywhere’ – it could mean 5G will be available anywhere on all networks or everywhere will be covered by at least one network? If you move around the country, you may need to use more than one network.

Will I need to change devices?

You will need a 5G compatible phone, tablet or router and a contract with a 5G network in your area. You may also need to sign up with a new network as they’re not all rolling out to the same regions at the same time. Once you’re all set up, you’ll have access to a world of entertainment we’ve not seen before. Music from Spotify for example, Netflix for movies and online games on platforms like casino UK NetBet will all be at our fingertips, faster, more reliable and secure than ever before. While we may currently experience fast downloads and stable videos on Youtube, the speed will be infinitely faster and better with the 5G rollout.


Although it’s difficult to establish dates for all the networks, and their plans will undoubtedly change as time passes, it looks as though 5G will be available everywhere in the UK in the next few years, although perhaps not from your preferred network.



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