World-First Safety Tech Expo Will Be Hosted On The CogX Platform With Keynote Speakers From LEGO, EA, And More

The #SafetyTech hashtag is going viral on Twitter as the world-first safety tech expo will take place on March 24, 2021. The DCMS announced that the plan for the Safety Tech Expo for 2021 will display how the technology can safe online communities.

This safety tech expo will be hosted on the CogX platform and will unleash the potential for a safer internet. It is reported that 1 in 5 people have stopped engaging with any online community or website because of abuse or harassment. Online platforms are having the harmful content than ever before. Moreover, these online communities or websites are unable or completely failing to save the users from the harmful content that is unacceptable. This Safety Tech Expo will help to decrease the risk of negative brand association or legal liability.

Vision Of Safety Tech Expo

Safety over the internet is becoming of paramount importance as users are falling out of social platforms and other online communities because of increased harassment. This has made this tech expo showcase the power of supporting safe online communities.

It can be any social media platform, gaming or gambling community or website, entertainment platform, etc. Like, most players from the gambling sector complain about harassment or cheating online. So, this safety tech expo will make people aware of watching out the key factors before choosing to play on any of the websites. Players who are interested in safe gameplay can choose NetBet casino or casino777. The agenda of this safety tech expo is to create positive value for the brands and a safe online experience for the players or the users.

The best thing about this tech expo is it will feature more than 30 industry-leading speakers from most iconic brands across the globe like LEGO, EA, Riot, Yubo, and many more. This expo will help in detecting and addressing the harmful content or behavior of the online platforms.

The Safety Tech Expo spokesperson stated, “The expo will give a chance to the attendees to come across the renowned figures that are behind the world’s leading alliance that are working towards online safety. These coalitions include Global Internet Forum for Counter-Terrorism (GIFCT), WeProtect, Technology Coalition, Fair Play Alliance, and the UK Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA).”

Notable Speakers for the Event

This safety tech expo is sponsored by the Department for International Trade (DIT), and the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS). This expo event will add trust to the online security worldwide. A few of the keynote speakers for the event will be

  • Clara Tsao who is the US Presidential Innovation Fellow and Julia Cordua, the CEO of Thorn, a security tech company
  • There will be Senior Executive from leading world brands like Match, LEGO, Roblox, EA, Meet, Yubo, and Riot.
  • The CEOs from the top-notch Safety Technology Companies like Crisp, Netclean, Two Hat, Spectrum, and Sentropy.
  • The attendees will also get a chance to listen to the ‘inventor of revolutionary safety technology PhotoDNA’, Hany Farid who will be seen in conversation with Michèle Coninsx, UN Assistant Secretary-General, and Susannah Storey, the DCMS Director-General.
  • There will be a conversation held with the higher government executives like Oliver Dowden who is the DCMS Secretary of State and Simon Saunders who is the Director of UK Online Harms Regulator Ofcom.

The idea of this first-ever safety tech expo will be to remove online toxicity and help the companies to deal with them. The CEOs, government executives, regulatory authorities’ heads, and marketing leaders will be talking to remove hateful speeches, self-harm, harassment, etc.

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