Bella Hadid goofs around with stuffed animals and models string of eye-popping outfits

Bella Hadid goofs around with stuffed animals and models string of eye-popping outfits at stylist pal’s house

Bella Hadid put her supermodel skills on display while hanging out at the home of her stylist pal Dean DiCriscio this week.

The 25-year-old supermodel whirled through a string of eye-popping ensembles in an album she posted to her Instagram on Friday.

In one picture she slid her enviably svelte figure into a skintight little black dress and metallic belt so she could goof around with a clutch of stuffed animals.

Another snapshot let her show off her endless legs a she posed on a bed with her feet up on the wall – imitating a Raggedy Ann doll laying nearby.

She turned up the quirk factor in a third picture, pulling a bald cap over her hair and modeling a hot pink unitard plus heavy makeup.

Bella tagged photographer Alana O’Herlihy in her album to tell her 46.6 million Instagram followers who was snapping her.

Lately Bella has been doing advertising for Kin Euphorics – a company where she gained partner status this year. 

Kin Euphorics pitches its drinks as being able to elevate the drinker’s mood without the use of cannabis or alcohol. 

The brand was launched in 2018 by its CEO Jen Batchelor, whose father was a bootlegger in Saudi Arabia, and Bella announced her partnership in it last month.

‘We’re not at war with alcohol. We’re just affording people an option,’ said Jen in an interview about the product for INC.

In her personal life Bella is currently involved with an art director called Marc Kalman whom she was seen stepping out with earlier this week.

Announcement: She went public with her relationship to art director Marc Kalman when she posted an Instagram snap of them kissing at Cannes 

She only went public with the romance this July when she posted a picture of her and Marc locking lips at Cannes.

‘Time of my life. Healthy, Working and Loved,’ captioned Bella whose romantic history includes The Weeknd.

However a Page Six source claimed that the relationship began last July and that the dynamic duo ‘hid it well’ in the intervening time.

They are said to have carried on the romance in New York amid the coronavirus pandemic while assiduously making sure they never got caught together.   


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