Isabel Roloff Fires Back at Body-Shamers, Tells Trolls to “Unlearn Your Fatphobia”

Isabel Roloff would like to have a word with the haters.

And the trolls.

And the giant, huge, enormous losers, let’s be honest.

Earlier this week, the wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob took to her Instagram account in order to slap down those who dare to question her weight and/or her body type.

Isabel Roloff plants a kiss here on the cheek of her semi-famous husband, Jacob. (Instagram)

“When the internet tries to hurt my feelings by calling me fat. Like please, babes, I already know. I can change that at any time though,” the 27-year old wrote on September 16.

“Unfortunately, it’ll take some time to unlearn your fatphobia.”

A day later, Isabel jumped on this same page to share that she “woke up to a lot of kind messages” following the initial post.

After sharing photos of her when she was 14 years old and a more recent snapshot, Isabel added that she felt the need to “defend” herself because she was “starving herself” when she was a teenager.


Indeed, Roloff has been open in the past about her eating disorder and her mental health struggles.

“People picking apart or analyzing my weight online would have sent me back into an ED spiral years ago. But I’ve come a long way,” Isabel wrote this weekend, adding in affirmation in regard to her teenage self:

“And I send that girl sooo much love.”

Roloff then noted that she was thinner when she was a teenager, though is now “a lot healthier mentally.”

Isabel Roloff shared this car selfie with her followers in an Instagram post. (Instagram)

Continued the mother of a son named Mateo:

“I know I’m beautiful! Fat is beautiful. People have just been conditioned to believe otherwise.

“So you don’t have to say: you’re fat, you’re beautiful! Because it makes it sound like you don’t think fat is beautiful.

“Which is okay: a lot of us still have internalized fatphobia to work through. I know I do. But you can call a fat woman just beautiful.”

This intimate post did not mark the first time Isabel has been open about her body image.

On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, Isabel Roloff used her Instagram Story to discuss missed opportunities and making choices. (Instagram)

In June 2022, Roloff shared a photo of herself wearing a black swimsuit just six months after she and Jacob welcomed their first child.

“Initially upon seeing this photo of myself, I thought, ‘dang I look good!’ Which is surprising because I NEVER thought I would like a bikini photo of me,” Isabel wrote at the time.

“Then my inner critic said awful, mean things and I vowed this would never see the light of day. Well, this is me giving the middle finger to my inner critic. I feel good. I look good.

“I am so much more than just my body.”

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