Joe Exotic and husband Dillon Passage TO DIVORCE as Joe says he was dumped on the phone from prison

Joe Exotic and husband Dillon Passage set for DIVORCE as Tiger King star reveals he got dumped over the phone from prison

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and husband Dillon Passage are divorcing after over three-years of marriage.

The docuseries star reportedly learned Passage, 24, is pulling the plug on the relationship from a phone call to prison, where the 58-year-old former animal trainer is currently serving out a sentence for plotting to murder rival Carole Baskin.

Exotic – full name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage – is distraught according to his lawyer Francisco Hernandez, who spoke to TMZ.

It’s over: Tiger King star Joe Exotic and husband of three-years Dillon Passage are getting a divorce after Passage dumped the Netflix persona over the phone while Exotic continues to serve out his prison sentence


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