Olivia Wilde and ex Jason Sudeikis ‘continue to battle out their child support agreement’

Olivia Wilde and ex Jason Sudeikis are continuing to thrash out how their child support will be handled, despite vowing to co-parenting in a healthy way.

Moreover, there is said to be no chance of any reconciliation between the two, despite them being pictured hugging one another in LA on Friday. 

According to TMZ, Olivia, 38, and Jason, 47 – who are parents to Otis, eight, and Daisy, six, are still very much locked in a dogfight. 

Sources told the site: ‘Jason’s New York lawyer, Bill Beslow, has gone to a New York judge to resolve all child support issues. But last July both a New York judge and a California judge ruled all CUSTODY issues should be handled in L.A.

‘They’re still locked in a dogfight’: Olivia Wilde and ex Jason Sudeikis ‘continue to battle out their child support agreement’ despite THAT friendly hug in public on Friday 

‘Beslow went to a New York court January 4 and asked the judge to handle all child SUPPORT issues, and the judge set a hearing date for February 15.’ 

Olivia is said to be baffled by this because both a New York judge and a California judge have already said this is an L.A. and not a New York case.

And she would like both custody and child support decided in L.A.

The site continues: ‘Beslow is appealing the decision to have custody decided in L.A. Olivia’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, and Olivia’s New York lawyer have filed legal docs asking the judge on February 15 to dismiss Beslow’s move to handle child support in New York, so a judge in L.A. can decide all issues involving the children.’

Moreover, it has been reported that Ted Lasso star Jason doesn’t want any child support from Olivia.

He is said to be willing to pay her ‘a reasonable amount’ in child support either decided by the both of them or by  a New York judge.

As It Was: The news comes after it was reported that Olivia and ex Jason are 'getting along better now' since her split from Harry Styles and are 'co-parenting in a healthy way'. (pictured with Sydney Chandler in September)

As It Was: The news comes after it was reported that Olivia and ex Jason are ‘getting along better now’ since her split from Harry Styles and are ‘co-parenting in a healthy way’. (pictured with Sydney Chandler in September)

The news comes after it was reported that Olivia and ex Jason are ‘getting along better now’ since her split from Harry Styles and are ‘co-parenting in a healthy way’.

Olivia and Jason, who split in 2020, are maintaining a ‘cordial’ relationship since her split from Harry, 28, in November, reports ET, days after the actors were seen hugging after a meeting in LA.

A source said: ‘Olivia has been focusing all her energy on her kids and family since her split with Harry, and now that they’re broken up, it’s been easier for Jason and Olivia to get along.

‘Jason has been trying to be supportive of Olivia and a good co-parent during this transition. Things between Jason and Olivia are cordial and going well.

‘Things between Olivia and Jason are manageable and she’s doing her best to co-parent with him in a healthy way. She isn’t rushing to date anyone again right now.’

The source added that Olivia is ‘still pretty hurt’ by her split from Harry’ but the singer ‘isn’t too broken up’ by their split. 

Olivia and Jason appeared back on good terms when they were spotted together in Los Angeles last week, over two years after they ended their seven-year engagement in 2020.

Happier times: Moreover, it has been reported that Ted Lasso star Jason doesn't want any child support from Olivia (pictured 2019)

Happier times: Moreover, it has been reported that Ted Lasso star Jason doesn’t want any child support from Olivia (pictured 2019)

They emerged from a meeting together and were seen chatting on the sidewalk, before gathering each other into an embrace and going their separate ways.

The pair have waged an ugly custody battle over their children, overlapping with Wilde’s relationship with Harry Styles, whom she directed in last year’s film Don’t Worry Darling. 

Styles, whose involvement with Don’t Worry Darling was at the center of dramatic rumors in the run-up to the film’s release, split from Wilde in November after a romance that spanned nearly two years.

Wilde and Sudeikis were glimpsed the following month having what appeared to be a tense conversation after they left a two-hour meeting together in Hollywood. 

However they appeared more at ease with one another during their sighting this week, chatting with one another and indulging in an affectionate hug. 

The drama between them during their legal battle has seeped out into public view multiple times, including when she was infamously served with custody papers while onstage at CinemaCon last April.

Wilde called the incident ‘an attack on her workplace’, but said she was not surprised at it happening because there was a ‘reason’ she left her relationship with Sudeikis. 

In court documents obtained by DailyMail.com, she argued that the decision to serve her onstage in front of an audience was a bid to ‘threaten’ and ’embarrass’ her. 

Sudeikis filed suit against his ex in New York City Family Court in October 2021, and the dispute has largely revolved around where the children would live.

While he wanted them to live in Brooklyn, Wilde was hoping to have them stay in Los Angeles and possibly relocate to London, where her then-boyfriend Harry Styles was living.

Ex: Harry and Olivia split in November after almost two years together , despite sources claiming there is 'no bad blood' between the pair, their relationship was marred by drama (Harry pictured in November 2022)

Ex: The actress and filmmaker become embroiled in drama after she ‘grew close’ to the singer, 28, on the set of Don’t Worry Darling (Harry pictured in November 2022)

The way they were: Two months later, Olivia split from Ted Lasso actor Jason, 47, after nine years which left the actor reportedly 'absolutely heartbroken;' seen March 24, 2018

Exes: Two months after meeting Harry, Olivia split from Ted Lasso actor Jason, 47, after nine years; pictured together with children Otis and Daisy in 2018)

In a legal filing signed August 5 last year, a judge ruled ‘New York was not the home state of the subject children’ and that rather ‘California was the children’s home state.’

‘Therefore, for the reasons stated on the record on July 15, 2022, respondent’s motion to dismiss the custody petitions filed on October 21, 2021 is granted,’ the filing, which was reviewed by Page Six, stated.

The court determined  that ‘New York does not have jurisdiction to hear the custody petitions’ because it is not Otis and Daisy’s home state.

Wilde filed a petition to ‘determine parental relationship in Superior Court of California, in LA’ in May, the filing noted. Her legal team moved to legally dismiss Sudekis’ custody case on May 18.

Experts alleged at the time that the custody battle was likely to proceed in California.

In Wilde’s motion to dismiss Sudeikis’ suit, the actress claimed she and he had initially agreed to send their kids back to school in Los Angeles for the upcoming school year because Sudeikis was due to wrap up the final season of Apple TV series Ted Lasso, which had required him to be in London.

‘Recently, however, Jason decided that he wanted to go to New York for the next year while he is not working, and wanted the children to be with him there during this time off,’ the actress said in the filing. ‘When I did not agree, since the children have not lived in New York for several years, Jason filed these papers.’ 

Wilde, who began dating Styles in January 2021, argued that the children have spent most of the last four years in Los Angeles or London, attending schools in both cities.

Wilde was famously served the court documents on April 26 in the middle of a presentation for 4,100 film industry executives about her thriller Don’t Worry Darling when she was awkwardly handed a manila envelope by a court process server.

The bizarre moment sparked furious speculation among attendees and reporters at the annual gathering of cinema owners and Hollywood studios about the envelope’s contents.

Sudeikis has maintained that he did not know Wilde would be served the papers in such a public and humiliating way.

Drama: The beleaguered film was overshadowed by a series of controversies both before and after its memorably awkward premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September (pictured)

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