Sylvia Jeffreys reveals why she ‘can’t wait’ to get her second AstraZeneca vaccine

* Pfizer recommended for people aged 16 to 60

* AstraZeneca recommended for people aged over 60

* Age ranges based on relative risk between getting the AstraZeneca vaccine and developing blood clots known as thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS)

* Official expert medical advice does not stop someone under 60 from getting AstraZeneca jab if they want

* GPs can provide AstraZeneca to adults under 60 if Pfizer is not available, the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks for that person, and they make an informed choice

* Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who has had Pfizer, says no one under 60 should get AstraZeneca

* West Australian Premier Mark McGowan says people under 40 should not get AstraZeneca

* NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who has had two doses of AstraZeneca, says people should decide based on advice from their GP

* Prime Minister Scott Morrison says people should follow their GP’s advice

* His government has provided GPs with a no-fault indemnity scheme and offered people Medicare cover for vaccine consultations

* Thousands of people under 60 have followed the PM’s advice and booked in for AstraZeneca jabs with their GP


* For 18-29s, the risk of a TTS blood clot is 1.9 per 100,000 AstraZeneca jabs

* For 30-39s, it is 1.6/100,000

* For 40-49s, it is 5/100,000

* For 50-59s it is 2.7/100,000


* Common side effects of vaccination include fatigue, headache, body aches and fever

* Severity of illness due to TTS (which has affected 64 Australians so far) ranges from mild blood clotting to fatal cases

* Half of TTS cases in Australia have been discharged from hospital

* One in four have been more serious and required treatment in intensive care, and two people have died

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