The Cabins’ viewers shocked after ITV airs Sarah and Charlotte performing steamy sex act



Age: 23 

Profession: Cabin crew, make-up artist and influencer

From: Staffordshire

Celebrity crush: ‘I’ve had the odd person talk to me on Instagram…It’s not the sort of person I want to be involved with, I want to be with someone who works on a building site that no one knows about.’

Holly says: ‘My love life is an absolute shambles basically’.




Age:  26

Profession: Sales executive 

From: Doncaster 

Celebrity crush: ‘Ruben Loftus-Cheek, He’s gorgeous. And it’s a free season ticket to Chelsea, isn’t it!’

Robyn says:  ‘I’ve dated a few Man U fans before and it just does not work out. You’d think it would be good to have that banter and rivalry. But if they’re really die hard fans and they get really passionate about it – and I’m passionate – then we just clash.’ 



Age: 26

Profession: Waitress and murder mystery actress

From: Blackpool

Celebrity crush: Emma Watson or Megan Fox. Two very different people… But for example Emma Watson, I kind of likenerdy, book worm type – the opposite to me.’

Sarah says: ‘I’ve dated men, but not a lot. Primarily I’m women, but if I fall for a guy, I’ll give them a chance. I do classify myself as lesbian.’



Age: 21

Profession: Miss Diamond UK, tattoo apprentice, model 

From: Kent

Celebrity crush: ”I adore Russell Brand, when he had the bird nest hair’

Tom says:  ‘I’ve managed to set myself on fire, I walked out of the toilet with my dress stuck in my knickers – you name it and I’ve probably done it on a date.’



Age: 22

Profession: Customer service

From: Hull

Celebrity crush: ‘Callum Izzard from Ibiza Weekender, he’s gorgeous!”

Olivia says:  ‘I want someone that’s really bubbly, lively, outgoing, but also someone that can be romantic. My past relationships haven’t been romantic.’  



Age:  29

Profession: Bin man Operations manager for a coffee company

From: Stafford

Celebrity crush: ‘Jennifer Lawrence. She’s so witty and quick.’

Charlotte says:  ‘I’ve only been dating women for about 18 months. I feel like I’m still learning my type. I definitely like the more alternative girls. Tattoos, piercings… and more tomboy than really girly.’ 


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