Where is Pedro Jimeno in 2023? What is He Doing?

Right now, Lidia Morel is on Love in Paradise. Naturally, a lot of viewers are wondering where her son is.

Pedro Jimeno is how we “know” Lidia, after all. He and Chantel Everett made their debut on 90 Day Fiance and remained with the franchise for years.

Now, Chantel and Pedro are in the midst of a heated and bitter divorce.

But … where exactly is Pedro these days?

Pedro Jimeno hasn’t been what we’d call “radio silent,” but he hasn’t done much to update fans and followers recently.

Maybe it’s a court order. Last summer, Chantel asked the court to seal their case, even though pretty much everything leaking from the court painted Pedro, not her, in a bad light.

And maybe it’s just because a lot of fans are Team Chantel, leading some to joke that Chantel is taking the fans in their divorce.

So, as for Pedro, we know that he obtained his real estate license nearly a full year before he filed to divorce Chantel.

Following his July 2021 license-acquisition, he has been working as an agent with the Laura Delgado Ralty Group.

This company works out of Norcross, Georgia, selling numerous upper-middle-class homes. They have sold nearly 1,000 properties.

Chantel Everett: I Deflowered Pedro! He Was a Virgin Before Me!

We have had only limited information on Pedro in recent months.

It is natural to assume that his line of work has not abruptly changed. And his social media indicates that things are the same.

One interesting tidbit came in a few weeks ago, when Pedro met up with an “old friend.”

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno shared this selfie in April, alongside none other than Coraima Morla. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Pedro captioned this April 2023 photo “So glad to reconnect with old friends!” He knew that he was stirring the pot.

Coraima Morla is an ex-friend of Pedro’s sister, Nicole. Apparently, she had a crush on him for many years.

And, on screen, she danced with a drunk Pedro. It was not the kind of dance that Chantel would have welcomed.

The Family Chantel viewers remember when Pedro Jimeno reunited with Coraima and danced with her behind his wife’s back.

Seeing her doesn’t necessarily mean that he is no longer in the United States.

In fact, the photo might not be as recent as his post suggests.

Frankly, given everything that went down with Pedro and Nicole, Coraima’s drama feels like a peaceful memory from simpler times.

Pedro and Chantel made a splash on 90 Day Fiance Season 4. That more or less makes them OGs in a show with so many seasons and even more spinoffs.

They were so dramatic — including an epic family brawl — that TLC rewarded their bad behavior with the franchise’s first ever star-specific spinoff, The Family Chantel.

And, at first, this spinoff looked like it would just continue to repeat what viewers had seen in the past. Pedro’s family was hostile, Chantel’s family was kind of nuts. It worked. Until it didn’t.

Then, Pedro’s behavior shifted. Suddenly, instead of defending his marriage, he was constantly on the attack no matter what Chantel did.

He seemed more interested in his coworkers than he did in his wife. Sure, Chantel’s jealousy didn’t help … but it ultimately proved to be justified.

And now it’s over. Given everything that we’ve seen and heard about their marriage, that’s for the best.

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