Save 42% on this bestselling light-blocking eye mask from Amazon

Black Friday 2020: Get some shut-eye and SAVE 42% on this bestselling light-blocking eye mask now £7 on Amazon

Whether you want to improve the quality of your sleep or you often travel or work night shifts, a light-blocking eye mask is the perfect accessory to encourage you to switch off.

Having already made its way onto Amazon’s Sleep Masks list with over 1,300 five-star ratings, the premium PaiTree Eye Mask for Sleeping is a must-have if you want to transform your bedtime routine, by blocking out light while sleeping.

And while Black Friday is just days away, Amazon has already dropped hundreds of deals in their Black Friday Week event including 42 per cent off the customer loved sleep mask – now £6.99.

The PaiTree Eye Mask blocks out all light creating total darkness for the perfect night’s sleep

Not only does the unique 3D design block all light, but the lightweight skin-friendly fabric and the contoured fit create an ultra-comfortable environment for you to drift off. 

Amazon shoppers praise the PaiTree Eye Mask’s pressure-relieving contoured design and ability to completely block out light, describing it as ‘the best eye mask’ and ‘brilliant value for money’.

‘I’ve had other sleep masks before, this is the best yet’, one shopper wrote. ‘Total blackout, no light chinks, space for eyelashes and fits so well on the face. Can heartily recommend. Very decent price as well.’

‘I love this eye mask – it does a great job of blocking out the light, and I find it much more comfortable than a normal flat mask,’ said another.

‘It doesn’t press against your eyes, and the velcro and elastic make it easy to adjust. I wouldn’t be without it now.’

A third user wrote: Really good sleep mask. I tested this in full sunlight, and it was dark as the pit, so definitely recommend if you need no light leak.’

Now £6.99 Paitree Eye Mask secures with Velcro rather than uncomfortable plastic fastening

Now £6.99 Paitree Eye Mask secures with Velcro rather than uncomfortable plastic fastening 

The manufacturers say the PaiTree Eye Mask is successful thanks to its ability to achieve total darkness combined with its patented shade nose design, which ensures a tight seal on the nose bridge.

And unlike classic sleep masks, its design is wider and deeper to create little to no pressure on your eyelids, which is ideal you want to preserve your eye-makeup or lash extensions when taking a quick nap.

The extra room also allows your eyes to blink freely, yet it still properly traps light, removing tension from your eyes and helping the body and nervous system switch to night mode.

Plus, unlike many eye masks that fasten on the sides, the PaiTree Eye Mask has a soft Velcro strap at the back of the head so is perfect for side sleepers. And if you’re a restless sleeper, it’s secure and durable enough to hold the mask in place.

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