This highly-rated eufy digital bathroom scale is reduced to less than £24 on Amazon

This popular digital bathroom scale gives you a full-body insight and is currently reduced to less than £24 on Amazon

If there was ever a time to pay more attention to our lifestyle choices it’s now, and with retailers currently slashing top products on health and fitness in the Black Friday sale, there’s never been a better time to invest in your health. 

Amazon has hundreds of enticing deals to encourage you in your fitness journey. From 44 per cent off Fitbit Versa 2, Charge 4 and Inspire to 30 per cent off FITINDEX Muscle Massage Gun there is a lot of choices out there for you and your family. 

Also included in the sale is the highly-rated and incredibly popular eufy Smart Scale. If you want to get a more accurate and in-depth look at your body profile, it might be worth taking a look at the Bluetooth digital scales. Even better, they’re now on sale for just £23.99 – that’s 27 per cent off. 

You can get 12 insightful measurements of your body’s health, such as weight, body Fat, BMI, bone mass and muscle mass – all for £23.99 

Bodyweight alone is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to health, with many factors contributing to what good health means. 

Smart Bluetooth scales like this one from eufy, have changed the way we weigh ourselves. While traditional models are adequate for monitoring fluctuations in your weight, the eufy scales gives you a far more thorough analysis of your health. 

In fact, it gives you 12 insightful measurements of your body’s health, sharing stats like body fat, bone density, BMI and water percentage. All this gets sent straight to your phone, so you can monitor and track your progress. 

While we don’t all need these stats, the body fat scale allows you and your family to share one scale, which is great if you want to get the whole family or your partner involved. 

The clever and thorough readings have been a big hit with shoppers. Over 5,700 Amazon shoppers have left praise-filled reviews for the eufy smart scales, awarding it a near-perfect score of 4.6 out of 5. 

‘Love this scale’ wrote one impressed shopper. ‘You can step straight on and get a reading immediately. The app is simple to use and works with the Fitbit app, which is what I wanted. The scales look nice and are good quality.’ 

All the stats gets sent straight to your phone so you can monitor and track your progress on the go

The scale gives you 12 measurements of your body's health including muscle mass and body fat

The easy set-up and insightful analysis has been a big hit with shoppers, with customers awarding it a near-perfect score of 4.6 out of 5 

Many of the reviews have commented on how the eufy Bluetooth scales give you more incentive to lose weight (if that’s your goal) as they give such a detailed reading. 

‘Keeps me motivated’ wrote one happy shopper. ‘The first smart scale I’ve had and really impressed with it. I got one as I don’t just want to lose weight but get fitter. The reading’s rather accurate: including the fat and muscle percentage – eg. when I trained for skiing, it gave me high muscle percentage.’Another agreed, penning: ‘

Another agreed, penning: ‘The app is good – connects easily and records the information. You can see all the history which is brilliant to track your progress whether you are trying to lose or gain weight.’ 

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