10 Common Habits That Are Making You More Forgetful

Memory is a fickle thing. For example, you may remember something significant that happened a decade ago, but not what you had for dinner last Tuesday. Or maybe you are simply forgetful with the little things, like misplacing your keys, reading texts but forgetting to respond, or losing track of appointments.

Everyone forgets things every now and then, but if you are often forgetful – with important things just out of grasp in your mind or words right on the tip of your tongue – it can feel debilitating and beyond frustrating.

Although some memory loss and forgetfulness is normal with ageing, according to the National Institute on Ageing, some things can exacerbate your forgetfulness no matter your age.

“There are a number of common habits that can make us more forgetful,” says Michele Goldman, a psychologist and media advisor for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

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