10 Words And Names You’ve (Probably) Been Mispronouncing In 2021

You might have learned the meaning of “cheugy” this year, but do you know how to say it?

The term – which can be used to mock out of touch fashions and people – is among a list of words most frequently mispronounced in the UK this year.

The research was conducted by language-learning app Babbel and the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR), based on words and names that were continually mispronounced by British news presenters, television personalities, and across social media in 2021. BIVR professionals are trained to process and caption real-time speech and events.

Perhaps surprisingly, the new Covid variant, Omicron, didn’t make the UK list, but was among the words most frequently mispronounced on American TV.

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