11 Ways To Make The Most Of What’s Left Of The Summer

This is the first full summer we’ve had since 2019 – two long years ago. In 2020, we had a slice of it, dining out on Rishi’s dime thanks to Eat Out To Help Out, and getting picnicking in the park. But we were still tied down by rules.

Now the restrictions have eased and many have been jabbed, we should be able to taste that sweet summer freedom. Yet, any scroll of social media suggests the much touted “summer of love” isn’t meeting our expectations.

Let’s start off with the weather. We might put up with wet and gloomy days in spring, autumn and winter, but the past few weeks of BST have been exceptionally bad, even by British standards.

So far we’ve experienced floods, thunderstorms and the kind of torrential rain that comes down from nowhere just when you leave the house in your finest new look. Rain is perfect for Netflix and chill, but not for a hot girl summer.

Then there’s the money issue. After months of saving our pennies in lockdown, the past few weeks have been spend, spend, spend to the point where the pounds are in short supply. Budgeting is hard when all we want to do is treat ourselves.

Lastly, and quite honestly, we’re feeling a bit socially awkward and burned out. Even as an extrovert, socialising now takes me more effort than it did before. After a few hours of being with people, I’m ready to get back into my bubble.

But even though these things make maximising summer difficult, we should try and have some fun this month. This pandemic has been hard for everyone and we deserve to celebrate getting through it – so why not prioritise yourself a bit.

My summer has consisted of seeing my friends, going to house parties, and eating out (all while on a budget!). The circumstances aren’t great, but I’m making the most of the season and you should too.

We’re still a long way from September – here’s how to get your summer on.

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