12 Morning Habits That’ll Make You Energised For The Day

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Mornings can be an absolute slog – even if you’re an early bird. And they’re even harder on weekdays when you have to get up and start work within the hour. So are there ways to hack our mornings to make us feel energised?

Yes, to put it simply. Making an effort to create habits that help you feel more alert will guarantee a happier – and healthier – day. But firstly, Dr Emma Taylor, a clinical psychologist, says: “I want to be clear I don’t buy in to the whole cultural idea that mornings are somehow morally superior: we all have different natural body clocks, and if mornings are hard for you, you aren’t failing, you aren’t worse than those people who jump out of bed full of energy.

“That said, there’s an advantage to doing the difficult things as early in the day as you can manage, because it gives you less time to talk yourself out of it or for life to get in the way. The time before you do a difficult thing is stressful, the time after you’ve done it feels satisfying, so doing the difficult things early means minimising the stress, maximising the time spent enjoying your success.”

Here, we speak to wellbeing psychologists to find out the small changes we can make to our morning routines to help us handle the rest of the day. Obviously we don’t expect you to do them all in a morning (are you mad?) but some of these morning hacks may appeal to you.

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