14 Easter Treats You Really Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog

Dog owners are being urged not to feed their pups classic Easter treats such as chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, with a stark message that it could kill them.

The warning comes as a survey by Royal Canin found a quarter of British pet owners think food deemed fit for human consumption is safe for their dog.

Ahead of Easter, Vets Now, the pet equivalent of A&E, is gearing up for a 50% surge in calls from owners whose pets have been poisoned by chocolate. There are fears the increase will be bigger than usual, due to the number of puppies bought during lockdown and the fact we’re spending longer at home.

Dave Leicester, responsible for a team at Vets Now’s Video Vet service, said: “We see a big rise in chocolate toxicity cases at Easter and it shows owners can never be too careful, especially those with greedy dogs who will do all they can to eat. Our advice is to keep chocolate treats well away from your dog.

“As long as it’s treated early and there’s been no kidney damage the prognosis for chocolate toxicity is generally good.”

In severe cases, chocolate poisoning in dogs can cause fits and even death.

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