19 Little But Life-Changing Things We’ll Actually Be Able To Do This Year

We have a roadmap out of lockdown – and while we’ve been warned the timetable is not set in stone (“data not dates”, as Boris would say) an end is finally in sight.

If things go to plan, restrictions on social gatherings could be scrapped completely by the summer solstice on June 21. It may feel like a long way off, but there’s lots to look forward to before then, some of which you may have missed in the prime minister’s address to the nation.

Here are just 18 of the little (but actually pretty life-changing) things we’re looking forward to over the next few months. They probably won’t all be your bag, but we hope at least something in the list will bring you some hope for what’s to come.

1. Sweet, sweet silence

Some people are craving a party, the parents among us are pumped for some peace and quiet. They’ll get it on March 8 when the kids (finally) go back to school.

2. Holding hands with grandma

After months without proper contact, care home residents will be able to have one permitted visitor who’ll be allowed to come into the home and hold hands. No, you’re crying.

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