19 Of The Most Hilariously Wrong Quiz Show Answers Ever

We get it – it’s much easier answering quiz questions from the comfort of your sofa rather than in the intensity of a TV studio with lights and cameras pointing at you and a big money prize on the line. 

And while wrong answers are par for the course on TV quiz shows, sometimes they’re so hilariously bad or random, we can’t help but laugh. 

Here’s 19 of the very best (or should that be worst?)…

1. This Pointless answer prompted an ‘if looks could kill’ moment


2. We don’t actually know what this Family Fortunes contestant said here, but we can take a pretty good guess

3. This Celebrity Mastermind moment is the absolute classic of the genre


4. Even Tipping Point host Ben Shepherd couldn’t contain his laughter at this suggestive answer

5. To be fair to this Pointless contestant, we can totally see where her thinking was going with this one


6. A lot less so here, however

7. Vernon Kay and Brian Dowling’s faces say it all, really


8. Cheryl Fergison, queen of geography

9. This Tipping Point contestant must have found his Christmas stocking empty on more than a few times over the years

10. This Celebrity Mastermind answer deserves respect, tbh

11. This chap seemed to have got his Quality Street mixed up with Coronation Street, and it STILL wasn’t anywhere near the right answer

12. *bangs head against the wall repeatedly*

13. Sorry, WHAT?!?!

14. “Sorry, I won’t be in work today, I’ve got a fillet of fish-ache”

15. This man’s persistence is truly admirable


16. The first rule of quiz shows – you have to LISTEN


18. Everything about Monty Panesar’s appearance on Celebrity Mastermind was so iconic, especially the Oliver Twist answer

19. And finally, the most recent addition to the hall of fame, the “Liberal Democrat of Moles”

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