24 Iconic Moments That Show How Rylan Earned His National Treasure Status

It’s been a whole decade since a blonde extension-wearing Rylan Clark first popped up on our screens proclaiming he was going to be the “male Lady Gaga” as he tried out for The X Factor.

Few could have predicted that from there, he would go on to become not just one of the nation’s most in demand TV presenters, but a full-blown national treasure.

After winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2013, Rylan has hosted the likes of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, Strictly: It Takes Two, This Morning, The Xtra Factor, Supermarket Sweep and Ready Steady Cook, as well as fronting his own Radio 2 slot, covering the Eurovision semi finals, teaming up with his mum on Celebrity Gogglebox and publishing two books.

What’s more is that – despite his huge success – he remains one of the nicest blokes in the business.

In homage to the beloved star, here’s a look back at just some of his most iconic moments…

1. When he auditioned for The X Factor and proved that while he may not have had the best voice, he certainly had star quality

2. When he found out he was through to the Live Shows and served up a moment that still lives rent free in our heads

3. When Rylan had one too many wines when he attended the TV Choice awards with the This Morning gang

4. When he met former First Lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on This Morning, and referred to her as “Hils babe”

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

5. When he absolutely lost it after finding a snake in his house and documented the whole hilarious incident on Instagram

6. When all his Steps dreams came true as he got to perform Tragedy in front of Claire Richards in the Celebrity Big Brother house

7. When This Morning sent him and Alison Hammond to go through a spooky maze, with ear-piercing results

8. When he met one of his heroes, Charity Shop Sue, during his Radio 2 KaRYoke Challenge

9. When he served this up to the Great British Bake Off judges

10. When he ripped into the government during an appearance on The Last Leg

11. When he got in a Twitter spat with Edwina Currie over the partygate scandal

“I decided to call them out on it thinking actually, you’re a fucking idiot, because I was a 30-year-old man who’s not in politics and I’m the sort of person you should be tapping into.

With all due respect, the audience that I’ve got might not necessarily understand Brexit or what’s going on in parliament.

When I explain stuff on Twitter in layman’s terms people message me and go ‘Thanks for doing that, I didn’t really understand what WTO meant or what the Northern Irish backstop involved’.

You can take the piss out of me all you want, but I’m probably informing the people who follow me more than you’re informing people.””

– Rylan, speaking to The Big Issue

13. When he walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house and realised people thought he was more than an X Factor ‘joke act’

14. When he and Matt Edmondson filmed this VT for their stint as hosts of The Xtra Factor

15. When he paid homage to another X Factor legend, Sinitta

16. When he was attacked by a moth while presenting his showbiz segment on This Morning

17. When he had this reaction to his Celebrity Apprentice team’s disastrous event

18. When he had to explain the concept of Paddington Bear to his mum Linda on Celebrity Gogglebox

19. When he couldn’t get over his mum’s pot pouri mix-up

20. When he lost it at his mum’s pronunciation of “chocolate”

21. When he accidentally gave Claire from Steps an eyeful during a pamper sesh in the CBB house

22. When he said this to Andi Peters

23. When he told this story on Would I Lie To You?

24. Everything about his relationship with his ‘TV mum’ Ruth Langsford

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