27 Tweets That Show Our Online Shopping Habit Is Off The Charts

Anyone else developed bat-like levels of hearing when it comes to any noise outside your front door? Posties and delivery drivers have become our heroes and, in many cases, our imaginary best friends, too.

Tell us a better sound than a knock at 10am or 2pm or even 10pm (if you’re using same day delivery). It’s only a shame when the driver disappears by the time we’ve opened the door. We could use their company – guess we’ll just have to make do with more ‘stuff’ instead.

With non-essential stores still shut for weeks to come, it’s no surprise online sales have increased dramatically during this pandemic: 61% of Brits have admitted to shopping more online during Covid-19 (and it’s not like some people didn’t already have a serious habit).

Experts are calling it ‘comfort spending’. Whether it’s self-care or a serious lack of self-control, the over-ordering is hitting new levels in lockdown – as the tweets below show.

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