4 Things Stopping You Having More Orgasms – And What To Do About Them

Having an orgasm isn’t the be all and end all to great sex, but it certainly helps the good times flow.

In a survey of 2,769 people, most of whom identified as female, 15% said they orgasm every time they have sex with a partner, 45% said most of the time, 27% said rarely, and 13% said they never orgasm. When discussing the barriers to orgasm, the top reasons flagged in the survey by Cosmopolitan UK were: the partner, body confidence, sex drive and mental health.

Orgasms make us feel good. They’re pleasurable (obvs), but they can also boost our mood, relieve stress and help us feel close to our partners. While we shouldn’t be pressuring ourselves to have them all the time – after all, sex can still be amazing without – there are things that can be done to help break down those barriers to orgasm so every sexual encounter can feel more liberating.

We asked a sexologist and sex therapist for their advice on overcoming some of the common barriers to orgasm you might face in the bedroom.

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