5 Signs Your Bum Really Needs To See A Doctor

We’re often all too happy to talk about our ailments over a coffee with friends but when it comes to anal health, many of us prefer to keep schtum about our bum. When it comes to matters of the posterior, people tend to shy away from talking about any problems.

Thankfully things are changing (albeit slowly) and GPs are seeing less reluctance from patients seeking help.

Dr Rachel Ward says people are gradually becoming more comfortable with discussing their bowel habits and bottoms – but it’s been a work in progress.

“The medical profession has worked hard to reassure people that problems like bleeding from the back passage can signify a serious condition and we want to talk to you about it,” she tells HuffPost UK.

“We look at all parts of people’s bodies every day and we don’t consider it any different if we need to examine a hand, ankle or anus. We treat every examination with respect and gain appropriate consent.”

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