7 Small Parenting Wins That Will Actually Make A Difference With Your Toddler

When raising kids – especially under-fives – it can be hard to know if you’re doing the right things. And, chances are, you’re not getting it right all of the time. (Who is?!)

Sometimes we shout when our buttons are pressed, or we sit our kids in front of the TV to give ourselves a moment to zone out, or we feed them fish fingers and plain pasta for their dinner because it’s the easy option.

That’s not to say the rest of the time we spend with our kids isn’t enriching… we sit and play with them, read to them, hug and kiss them, take them to the park, sing songs, bake with them, chat about their day. All of these are hugely important too.

Last week, the Princess of Wales launched a new campaign to increase public understanding of the importance of the first five years of a child’s life. The campaign – dubbed Shaping Us – aims to make early childhood development “one of the most strategically important topics of our time”.

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