A Blood Test Could Predict If You’ll Have Severe Outcomes From Covid

A blood test to predict who is likely to have a severe response to Covid-19 could be available by autumn, allowing doctors to closely monitor those at the highest risk.

There’s evidence that old age and the co-existence of other conditions such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and immune defects are associated with a greater severity of the infection, the researchers said. But others require ICU treatment with no evidence of these factors. They wanted to find out why.

The researchers, led by Dr Manel Esteller at the University of Barcelona, studied 400 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 who didn’t belong to any of the above risk groups. The study included people with asymptomatic infection or very mild symptoms, as well as those who had been admitted to hospital requiring respiratory treatment.

The scientists were able to identify a common factor among the latter group.

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