‘A Sucker Punch To The Heart’: Jennifer Aniston Gets Real About Tough Parts Of Friends Reunion

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Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards in 2020

“We were thinking, ‘How much fun is this going to be, to go back to Stage 24 exactly the way it was, exactly the way we left it?’,” Jen told the newspaper. “But it was a sucker punch to the heart.

“It turns out that it’s not so easy to time travel.”

Looking back to when Friends aired its finale in 2004, Jen said she and her castmates “were all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, looking toward the future”.

“But there was a lot to come for everyone,” she continued. “Hard truths and changes and loss and babies and marriages and divorces and miscarriages.

“One of the real emotional things for me was the realisation was that times were so much simpler then. For one thing, we didn’t have social media the way we have now.”

Terence Patrick/HBO

The cast of Friends during the reunion 

Jennifer recently told Rob Lowe on his podcast Literally!: “Going back there, it’s nostalgic in a way that’s kind of also a little melancholy, you know? Because a lot has changed and we have all gone down different roads, some easy and some not so easy for each of us.

“It was brutal, and also you can’t turn it off.”

She continued: “I think it really took us all down way harder than we anticipated.”

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