Adults With A Severe Mental Illness Are Being Urged To Get Vaccinated

Adults with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are being urged to come forward for their Covid-19 vaccination.

The group was added to vaccine priority group six earlier this year, alongside people with learning disabilities.

In a blog post published this week, Dr Nikki Kanani, medical director of primary care for NHS England and NHS Improvement, and NHS England’s national mental health director Claire Murdoch, urged those with severe mental illnesses (SMI) to get vaccinated as soon as possible. They reiterated that the vaccine is safe.

The timing of the blog comes weeks after group six was first called for vaccination. When HuffPost UK asked whether the post was shared because there was poor uptake among people with severe mental illnesses specifically, NHS England said it was making “good progress” in vaccinating people in this group.

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