Amanda Holden’s Eurovision Appearance Was Camper Than We Ever Could Have Hoped For

She might have had less than a minute of screen time, but Amanda Holden sure made it memorable as she appeared on Eurovision on Saturday night. 

The Britain’s Got Talent judge announced the result of the UK jury vote during the Song Contest, and as predicted, it was a ridiculously camp affair. 

Not only was Mandy wearing feathers for the occasion, but she made sure the 200 million people watching around the world knew exactly who she was as she revealed the result. 


Amanda Holden announced the UK result during Eurovision

“Good evening! Bon soir! Goedenavond! That’s ‘good evening’ in Dutch, although I’ve got absolutely no idea which is which,” she said. 

“This is London calling. What a fantastic show this evening. I’m Amanda Holden and I love Eurovision – the drama, the excitement and all the wildly over the top camp outfits… and that’s just me!”

Flawless and fabulous. 

Mandy then revealed the UK had awarded its 12 points to France’s Barbara Pravi and her song Voilà. 

But while Mandy had a triumphant Eurovision appearance, sadly the same could not be said for UK entrant James Newman

He scored the dreaded “nul points” for his song Embers, languishing at the bottom of the leaderboard. 

The UK was also the only entry to do so badly in both the jury and public votes. 

The 2021 contest was won by Italian rock band Måneskin, who romped to victory with their song Zitti E Buoni.

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