Americans Don’t Remember the Fifth of November

Americans Don’t Remember the Fifth of November

Respected American news sites The Hill and ABC News were widely mocked on social media over the weekend after reporting firework displays across the UK as spontaneous celebrations of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the US Presidential election. Guido was disappointed to discover the lack of recognition for his namesake…

They also claimed bells were ringing in Paris at the news. Liberation’s fact checking service dryly stated that the diocese of Paris denies this information.

“We have not received any instructions to ring the bells in honour of Biden’s victory. So, in Paris, no bell rang following this news. We sometimes ring the bells on political subjects, at the request of the mayor of Paris. This is the case, for example, every year at the end of August, to celebrate the liberation of Paris in 1945. But yesterday, there were no requests.”

ABC have now deleted the tweet…

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