Blair Calls for Israeli Approach to Vaccine Distribution

Blair Calls for Israeli Approach to Vaccine Distribution

In a move that is bound to once again upset the left of the Labour Party, Tony Blair is calling for a vaccination strategy overhaul, following the likes of Israel with impressively rapid coverage. Appearing on Sky News this morning, the former Prime Minister (who has been worryingly sensible about the need to end lockdowns through rapid vaccination) said that the limit on pharmacy distribution must be abolished, all GP practices should be distributing, and occupational health workers must be deployed. The UK got off to a good start but things now appear to be lagging…

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Blair went on to say that “We are not yet at the stage where we are using every single piece of infrastructure that we could.” Given the cost of lockdown is over £1 billion a day, it is staggering that the Government has not put the country on a total war footing to deliver these vaccines faster. Israel has is right, and we should copy them.

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