Boris Johnson And Other Former Tory Ministers Told Hand Back Redundancy Payments

Conservative MPs paid more than £410,000 in redundancy after losing their ministerial jobs have been told to repay to money so it can be used to help people struggling with the cost of living.

Ministers who lose their jobs in government are entitled to receive a quarter of their annual salary as a pay-off.

It means Boris Johnson is set to pocket £18,860 having been forced to resign as prime minister.

Former cabinet ministers including Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Priti Patel are in line to get £16,876.

Tory MPs who lost more junior jobs, including Alan Mak who was a Treasury minister for just two months, will get £7,920.

In total former ministers re set to get more than £410,000 in redundancy payments, according to an analysis by the Lib Dems.

Christine Jardine, the party’s Cabinet Office spokesperson, said the Conservative ex-ministers should turn down the cash.

“It is outrageous that as families cut back on food and heating, outgoing Conservative ministers are being awarded thousands of pounds, many of them after just a few weeks in the job.

“It seems Liz Truss is against handouts for the British people, but not for her Conservative colleagues.

“Once again it’s one rule for Conservative MPs, another for everyone else.”

“Former ministers are given financial security, while struggling families and pensioners are facing economic chaos, higher bills and collapsing health services.

“Outgoing Conservative ministers should do the decent thing and pass up their payoffs for the good of the country.”

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