British Muslims Encouraged Not To ‘Remain Silent’ On Hate Crimes

Ever since the killing of Sir David Amess was labelled a terrorism incident, the British Muslim community have been braced for a rise in hate crimes.

In fact, since the MP was stabbed in his own Essex constituency on Friday, Islamophobic attacks have already taken place. British Somalis in particular have received death threats and community centres have been forced to close as residents had objects thrown at them.

But it’s not just following high profile terrorism cases that hate crimes are directed against Muslims.

Government research published just three days before the attack in Leigh-on-Sea shows that the biggest targets of religiously motivated hate crimes in England and Wales from 2020-2021 are Muslims – followed by Jewish groups.

Now, the Muslim Council of Britain is issuing guidelines to help British Muslims deal with potential influx of hate crimes against the group.

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