Can I Go On Holiday To Amber List Countries?

Travel is top of people’s minds as restrictions continue to ease. What do you want to know? Ask your Covid travel questions here.

HuffPost UK reader Matthew asked: “Can I go on holiday to an amber destination? There seems to be conflicting information.”

May 17 marks a big step in lockdown easing with people in England allowed to mix indoors once more and some types of travel back on the cards.

The UK government has revealed its traffic light system for gradually easing travel restrictions, which will see destinations designated either green, amber or red depending on how many cases of Covid are circulating in a place and what the picture is looking like in terms of variants, among other things.

If you’ve got a holiday booked to amber destinations like Spain and Greece in June, you’ll understandably be wondering whether it’s still ok to go. The advice so far has been a little confusing, as reader Matthew points out: “There seems to be conflicting information.”

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